Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to Blue: Blue Eyeshadow Makes a Comeback!

By Ettel Chava RosenbaumChava is a 26 year old mother of two girls living in Kensington, NY.  She has been a practicing makeup artist for nearly seven years and recently began doing makeup for the exploding field of religious women's theater...in which she also loves to perform! Chava offers lessons to women, teaching them how to apply their own makeup like a professional. In addition to makeup, her passions are singing, comedy and keeping her kids out of her shoe rack. Chava is available to do makeup for simchas and productions in New York. You can contact her to book a consultation or job by e-mailing beautybychava@rocketmail.com


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Blue eye shadow is making a comeback! 

This color can be deceptively difficult to wear because it can often look grannyish or teenagery. Avoid any shade with glitter. I'm not talking about a nice sheen or shimmer, but glitter where you see little specks of gold or silver in the product. 

Blue, regardless of the shade, is a statement color, so unless its for a very special occasion, paired with a gown and fancy hairdo, stick to one shade. When in doubt, navy is the most universally flattering. Apply it close to the lashline and blend it up fading it into the crease. Or just keep it at the lashline, slightly smudged like eyeliner. If navy is either too dark or too dull for you, royal blue—my favorite shade since childhood—is gorgeous. It's not too dark or too light and has great impact. Apply it on the lower lid, blending with some white at the corners so its not too heavy and brightens the eye. Keep the rest of the face soft and simple. If you choose royal blue, don't go metallic or shimmery—unless its for evening. 

Looking for some more sophistication? Blue-grey is a great option. It's the blue trend in a business suit. Now be careful here because if worn wrong or with the wrong colors, this shade can make you look like grandma! With blue-gray, use a luminescent foundation so the gray doesn't suck the color out of your complexion and wear neutral, fleshy/nude blush and lipstick. Sweep the blue-gray on the lid, darkening it in the outer V area. Highlight the inner corners of the eye with a sheer white shadow, and use a navy blue eyeliner. [Tip: Navy eyeliner plays up the white in your eye better than black so you'll look more awake.] 

Whatever shade you choose, its important to be aware of this: Blue pigments are expensive so many makeup companies with scrimp on them. It's important to use high quality eye shadow when using blue. If the department stores are too expensive for you, I have found Loreal HIP and Covergirl to be the best drug store bets. G'luck ladies!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Day of Magic (Yom Kippur Reflections)

By Ayala Gordesky 
Ayala Gordesky resides in Israel with her husband, gorgeous daughter and not so gorgeous Boston Terrier. Nestled in the beautiful hills of Jerusalem she is enjoying her solo career as a social media marketer. She is grateful to have attracted small businesses, start-ups and even an international singer. Ayala may be reached at ayala.gordesky@gmail.com.

"You are able to see for the first time how much the tugging at your skirt is a culmination of anything and everything you have sat here for so many countless hours fervently praying for."

[Yom Kippur Reflections from a Jerusalem Mom]

Yom Kippur is a day of magic. One day when you leave all of the mundane, all the consuming crap behind and you have a glimpse of reality in it’s purest form. With the ushering in of Kol Nidrei an ominous feeling wells up and the Synagogue is completely silent with the collective realization that we are standing in the wake of something great and there is no turning back. Maybe it was just me, but the moon seemed brighter and the green in the foliage a little greener as we walked back home on that incredibly still night. 

The morning ushers in new fears as the realization sets in that time is ebbing and you just lost eight or more hours on idle sleep. Prayer is interrupted again and again by the endless needs of your kids. Before the irritation can set in the veil is lifted and you are able to see for the first time how much the tugging at your skirt is a culmination of anything and everything you have sat here for so many countless hours fervently praying for. All of the sudden the gesture your child makes as she points out a dog or the leaf that gets caught in her hair are the most startlingly beautiful sites you have ever witnessed in your life. 

The rest of the day flows through you with ease. Years and years of desperate struggle have passed trying to reach the depths of our hearts and pray for ourselves yet there is no effort in reaching that place when it is physically manifested right in front of us. 

As the sky darkens and the magic is starting to ascend back towards its rightful place in the heavens, all moms start off the year with the same simple resolution “I just want to be good for my children."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[3] Momming with Mimi: My Friend Escape

[Typed on my phone, October 18th]

One night this week, I met up with a good friend. It wasn't meant to be anything extraordinary, yet I feel like a different person since. I can't help but write about it, for fear it may get lost...

My husband was out of town for a concert. My slumber party plans fell through (;)) and I was lonely and couldn't just go to sleep. So I actually did something that has come to be reserved for date nights and family events—I got a babysitter. The fact that I got a babysitter for the simple pleasure of seeing a friend is unique, since normally I'd never "invest" in nights for friends, rather make sure my husband can be home to guard the snoring kids.

It's been a while since I've had some good face-to-face, in depth conversation with a good friend. Life is so busy lately, and my mind and body are so consumed with the every day that I have forgotten the luxury of heart-to-hearts with an old friend.

How sweet it is!
To meet up with a friend in a dimly lit restaurant. She gets a beer. Me, a salad and smoothie. We jump right in. Everyone needs a friend that can ask "How are you?" and you can actually answer honestly. A friend whom you can actually say things like "I could be happier" and "I'm spread too thin" and "I'm really not that cool."

The kind of friend with whom it feels like you're shooting the breeze yet the conversation is so rich and meaningful that you just gotta pull out a pen and find an old receipt with which to record the epiphanies and really, the entire moment.

I could get into everything we spoke about—marriage, expectations, inspiration, personal critiques, our changes, our future, the ingredients to happiness...but that's not the point.

Because of how rewarding and nurturing this simple date was for me, I feel motivated to encourage my fellow ladies and mamas to call up a friend and arrange some face-time. Out of the house. No kids. No agenda. No curfew. Get lost in conversation. Just because.

On our way home, we rolled the windows down and turned the heat up. My favorite combo. It reminded me of late Seattle nights with my friends, circling the lake blasting oldies. Except this time we were playing my husband's album. I finally got to listen to it as a random person, just enjoying it blasting...not breaking it apart and analyzing it like we usually do when my husband's in the driver's seat. I knew it was good. 'm his biggest fan. But wow. It is goooooood!

I dropped off my friend. But I didn't want to go home. So there I was, just circling Crown Heights like a girl who just got her license, pushing my curfew.

When was the last time you did that?

When was the last time you ignored the ticking bomb of the babysitter, didn't feel rushed, didn't feel tied down...instead, vulnerable to your conversation with a good friend, open to the night, open to getting inspired just when you started to think it impossible.

We all need a bit of freedom. A little runaway. Some good connecting that is a tiny reminder of that soulful, deep person underneath who wants to be heard over house chores and bath time and crying and diapers and—you get the idea. Luckily for us women, this escape can be found in the simple company of a close pal.

Share this post with a friend and make a date. Meet up. Open up. And take the long way home.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

[2] Momming with Mimi I Steve Jobs: Seeing a maker

The only thing on my mommy-brain right now is Steve Jobs. Both because I have been a Steve Jobs fan for some time—watching his presentations not for the technology, but for the humanness he imbued in it—and mostly because I am deeply touched by his legacy.

From articles on news sites to the incessant posts on Facebook, everyone is paying their respects to a man that was brave enough to demand that his vision be realized. There are no politics. There are no haters. No jokes. Just the feeling of loss. And appreciation. Everywhere.

I am young, but still, I don't recall a time that a public figure's death was mourned so personally. It must be because we all feel that we've had a hand in his legacy and, moreover, that he bestowed to us many gifts that came from his essence. Steve put his heart and mind into all our hands, in the form of beautiful, functional and inspiring products that became central to both the productivity and fun in our lives. It almost feels like we have personal memories with him.

I can ramble on endlessly, but I'm stopping here for a second to try and tap into what is really moving me the most...


I think it has everything to do with how humanity is honoring Jobs right now—what it says about people today. Even though we selfishly gained from Job's vision, and have reaped the rewards of all his brilliant gadgets and gizmos, we so badly want to understand and connect to the mind behind the curtain.

Wouldja look at that. We know Jobs intimately by intimately knowing his creations.

It's reassuring to see that, although we may all be avid consumers, our world sits at a place where we can profoundly acknowledge a maker.

Work Sleep, Sleep Work [We all relate!]

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Even though I work from home—which people THINK is easier—I still see myself in this. Do you also relate?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


By Becky Brownstein
Becky is a  wife, mother of five, cleaning lady, chef, program/trip organizer, taxi driver, blogger and all around great gal that now resides in St. Paul, MN for her husband's education. She enjoys sharing (or kvetching) her experiences as a mother. Her motto? "When all else fails, laugh!


*In the parking garage*
Yikes, it really stinks in here, I must clean this car today.

*At school*
Ooooweeebob! We made it to school on time! Yay me! I don't even think I yelled either. Double coolio points.
Oh crap, can't find the mitzvah note pad. It must be under this pile of papers and old diet Dr. Pepper can. I MUST clean this car today.
Ew, the smell is definitely coming from under Zevi's car seat. I should probably bring down some rags and scrub the seats too.

*At the grocery store*
Oh man, there is hardly any parking here! Why do these dumb people have to park in two spots, like seriously.
Oops, I guess I took two spots, oh well, it's the guy next to me's fault. (I don't think in proper English).
Uch, who leaves garbage in the cart? Yuck, not taking that one.
Great, my cart veers to the left. I'm for sure going to have a sore arm later.
Why do these ladies have to keep their exercise pants on? We know you look good and you actually make time to exercise, do you really need to rub it in? Her legs are so musculur. She for sure doesn't have any...what a cute kid! Man, I should really make time to exercise.
Hmm, I should probably suck my stomach in. I probably should have put on some under eye concealer. WHATEVER, I'm grocery shopping, I won't see anyone I know.
Wait, does she live in my building? Better duck into the pet food aisle. Ew, it stinks like pets here. Yich. No wonder I don't have any pets.

*At the checkout aisle*
Crap! I forgot eggs. Whatever, I'll probably come home and realize I forgot to add some other things to the list also. Guess I'm coming back here tomorrow anyways.

*In the car again*
Did that smell get worse? As soon as I get home I am so cleaning this.
Crud, I have nowhere to put my snapple. All the cup holders have crap in them.  Maybe that's why there is a nifty cap. Wow, I never realized that about sharks. Thanks snapple.
I should probably go to Walmart and get those other things I needed.

*At Walmart*
So far I haven't bought anything from my list and my cart is somehow full.
Oooh, clearance crap!!

*At checkout*
Oh boy, Maybe I should have stuck to the list. Should I put those things back? But I will totally use those things! Don't I already have some under the sink? Oh well, it won't go bad, I'll remember not to buy any more next time.
Oh shoot, I forgot napkins. Guess I'll have to stop by here again tomorrow.

*At the cleaners*
Thanks, Have a great day!
Dry cleaner guy: Uh, ma'am, MA'AM! You forgot your dry cleaning.
Oh boy, What time is it again?

*Driving home*
Hey there's a jogger. I should totally jog. Yeah right, I'll never jog. What the heck is she wearing anyways? Is that a bathing suit? What would I wear if I jogged? I would probably need new sneakers and maybe a pedometer. Too expensive. I can't afford to be a jogger anyways.
Maybe I should get a pedometer just so I can see how many steps I really do take in a day. But I'll probably just use it once and then shove it in my husbands face that I walk around too much.
That is totally why I can't lose any weight. I walk too much and my body is so use to it already. Wait, that doesn't make sense. Does it? Better Google it when I get home.
Gotta strip the beds, throw in the wash and wash the dishes when I get home. I will not go on the computer till that's done.
I should probably eat something.  
Maybe vacuum also.
There is no way I am cleaning the car today. I have so much to do. I'll do it tomorrow. I don't really smell anything anymore anyways. It was probably because all the windows were closed. It's fine. Or maybe I'm just used to the stink. Oh boy, that's nasty. I'll clean it tomorrow.
*Sit at the computer and do a bunch of random nothing for 45 minutes*
*Run out again to get the kids*
I need more coffee...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mom Shot #16: Pretty Poultry

It's been a while since I've done a mom shot. But now that I've cleared out some images from my Blackberry (yes, I know, I need an iPhone), I'm back! If you're a new reader, be sure to check out previous Mom Shots—random snapshots of my life as LadyMama! 

What can I say...I put all the chicken soup ingredients in the pot and before I filled it with water, I couldn't help but see such beauty in the raw materials, emerging from the shadows, calmly accepting their soup fate, ready to blend together in harmony.

Oh, look, now my pretty poultry is sparking poultry poetry (say that ten times fast).

Anyways, pretty or not, let's just hope this chicken soup works its magic on the festering colds in my home!

Musings from a Jerusalem Mom

By Ayala Gordesky 
Ayala Gordesky resides in Israel with her husband, gorgeous daughter and not so gorgeous Boston Terrier. Nestled in the beautiful hills of Jerusalem she is enjoying her solo career as a social media marketer. She is grateful to have attracted small businesses, start-ups and even an international singer. Ayala may be reached at ayala.gordesky@gmail.com.


Jerusalem is a pulsing entity of radiance, freedom, strength and defiance. At the Kotel wall on the women's side there is a sea of color; bright head scarves, patterned skirts and exotic jewelry. The colors are outlined with desert tan as they meander through the tunnels and shops and spill out into the streets. In some areas they gain momentum and in some they are muted and withheld. Up where I live, near Baka and the German Colony the colors shine brightly in the sunshine of the tree-lined streets. During the rare hours of leisure we laugh or argue on our mirpesets barefoot and cross-legged while drinking ice water. The tan of the Jerusalem stone which lingers at our heels and follows our eyes as we raise them to the hills contrasts neatly with the vibrancy of our garb. Our Naot clad feet purposefully jostle strollers through the winding, rain gullied sidewalks and no one seems to really notice as our feet get blacker and blacker from the mixture of sun-tan and Jerusalem dust. We shove one another roughly as we get on the the bright green buses in the heat of shopping at the shuk and with the next breath we volunteer to hold each others freckled, messy haired children so City Minis and groceries can be loaded onto the bus with ease. I see street corners that are hot spots for older Israeli gentlemen in dingy jeans and tee-shirts and loud kipot to drink Turkish coffee and vehemently argue about the state of the country. My friends faces shine, makeup clad or not, I think they are all beautiful as we watch our kids dance in a fountain or feed them lunch together from our white walled and speckle tiled apartments. My face is naked of makeup and I wear my constant tan with pride since it is the branding of our our glorious city that burns the skin on my face.