Meet Mimi

I started LadyMama to connect with other women and document our joys and struggles in striving to stay smart, sane, stylish and spiritual.

I love “saying it like it is” and talking about the issues and subtleties that mothers often shy away from. Some of my most popular columns address infertility (Mother's Day for the Childless), the high price of shopping for food (Grocery Spending Stress Disorder), circumcision (The Tipping Point) and common misconceptions about being a mom (10 Untruths about Motherhood.

I live with my husband, singer-songwriter Moshe Hecht (who is one of fourteen kids!) and our two sons; Shney and Dovi, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, where we count our many blessings while dreaming of greener (and larger) pastures to raise our future family of who-knows-how-many kids.

In my free time, you can find me sitting in my pajamas researching/writing/editing for LadyMama, Googling recipes (I don't own one single cookbook), searching for interesting finds on Craigslist and plotting my way back to buried hobbies like photography, painting and, um...exercising. I am also a “Social Media Maven,” hired by people to boost their services and products via Facebook, Twitter and blogging. 

My dream is for LadyMama to inspire confidence in other women and encourage new mothers to march to the beat of their own drum.