Monday, August 29, 2011

Dressing Your Post-Baby Body (10 Tips from a Fashion Maven!)

By Devorah Ramey 
[AKA the "Frum Fashion Maven." Visit her at]

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10 Tips for Dressing Your Post Baby Body

After 9 plus months of pregnancy we eagerly await two events: the birth of the baby and then being able to wear non-maternity clothes again.

Thanks to the media’s obsession with fast shrinking celebrities, even observant women are under incredible pressure to return to normal in the blink of an eye. Sadly this pressure is often self-imposed.

I’m sure even Heidi Klum did not fit in her regular clothes straight out of the delivery room. So keep the “body image blues” at bay by dressing for post-partum comfort.

Having unrealistic expectations post partum can result in negative self image, insecurity and even depression. As a stylist I have seen two style camps : some women cope by shelving style for a few months and walking around in shapeless robes and the like while others walking around in obvious denial sporting “muffin tops," too tight items and other fashion faux pas.

The middle path involves awareness with a healthy dose of positive self talk and kindness.

Here are some tips to keep you looking and feeling great so you can focus on enjoying this special time in your life.

1) Be realistic. After delivery your belly will look about 5 months pregnant and won’t start to look normal until about 6 weeks (…. it takes time for your uterus to shrink to its pre pregnancy size)! Some people love bandaging the belly PP, a practice done in many cultures, I have done it with success B”H four times now and love a product called the belly bandit.

2) Dress comfortable. Start your postpartum wardrobe by creating a “home from the hospital” collection of loose fitting dresses. Try choosing dresses that are feminine, flowing and highly forgiving. Select beautiful colors that will brighten your mood. You want to look and feel presentable when visitors stop by to see the new baby, but also be comfortable for the first few weeks. For breast feeding and baby duty, I buy several deep v-necks to be layered over other tees, shells or blouses as a cheap alternative to nursing tops. Those elastic waist slinky skirts in different lengths add versatility and comfort. Clothing with details like ruching (pleating at the sides), empire waists and creative layering are all sure ways to hide the “baby fat”. Maxi dresses in dark “stain hiding” colors slim you and feel like a comfortable night gown. A loose draping cardigan works awesome and it gives you instant nursing coverage, I wear mine to run errands to avoid buying a nursing cover.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

THAT CHICK I WANT TO [but probably never will] BE

By Hanna Moss


That chick.

You know who you are. You’re the girl I’ve always wanted to be, always tried to be, pretend to be, declare I am, but in all honesty I can never get quite right.

I’ve always wanted to be that chick that religiously only shops in Whole Foods with her recycled bags, only buys organic and grinds her own almonds to make almond butter.

I’ve always wanted to be that chick that shops at the farmers market with her two kids and oversized straw hat letting her calm kids taste all the fresh produce while happily teaching them about farmers, land, crop, trees and how buying fresh produce is so important.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fashion-Isha Guest Blog: Ways To Wear Black

Blogger Sharon Langert (of Fashion-Isha fame!) is the best person to share fashion ideas as a follow-up to Mimi Hecht's post on why Every Mom Must Own A Black Dress


As much as we say we love to get away from it, black is certainly the easiest way to dress glamorously. It is the recipe for no fail chic: it is slimming, hides spills and stains and is the perfect backdrop to showcase...YOU! 
Black need not be boring either. As seen in these photos, the simplest black pieces can look amazing when paired with the perfect shoe, belt or statement necklace. Here are some simple yet fabulous black dresses to choose from:
Antik Batik Bead Embellished Dress $102

Halston Heritage Satin Jersey Dress  $134

Marc by Marc Jacobs Knitted Cotton Dress: $120

Ruffled Satin Tank Dress $134
Modal/spandex hoodie dress $64.99

And another simple way to wear black is of course by pairing a fabulous skirt with a pretty top, and've got your own custom LBD (little black dress):
1. Catherine Malandrino Silk Blouse $158, 2. Z spoke by Zac Posen A-line Skirt $94.50, 3. BCBG Pleated Maxi Skirt $172.80, 4. Ruched Jersey Skirt $93
To keep these looks modest, and because we all come in different sizes, you may need to add a shell and/or pencil skirt under some of these pieces.

Now, don't forget a few great accessories to really make these looks pop. Here are some fab statement necklaces and couple cool belts too:
Crystal and chain necklace $138

Rhinstone and Chain Necklace $68

Calvin Klein Faux Python Belt $34.99

Mesh Belt: $101.20
With black the possibilities are endless. How do you wear black?
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

CO-SLEEPING: Me 'n My Moms Say It All

By Rivki Silver
Rivki Silver blogs at Life in the Married Lane, where's she's intent on finding kedushah in the dishes.

"I still remember telling someone who I genuinely thought would be on-board with the 
concept, and the incredulousness she reacted with.  I might as well have told her that
 I was taking my baby bungee-jumping or something."

Me 'n My Moms Say It All

Co-sleeping.  Chances are, if you’re not doing it, you know someone who is.

Co-sleeping is associated with attachment parenting, made widely known by Dr. Sears.  Sometimes it is also referred to as bed-sharing.  Basically, it means that the baby is sleeping in bed, with you, all night.  Oftentimes the baby is nestled in the crook of mommy’s arm, and other times, just within arms’ reach.  It is more common among women who choose to breastfeed.  

Some of the main concerns I’ve heard (from non-co-sleepers) are safety, of what to do with the other kids during naptime, and of the baby not learning how to sleep on its own.  Oh, and our husbands.  What about them?  

I asked a wide variety of women their opinions and experiences with co-sleeping, and, as you might imagine, I got a wide variety of answers.  One thing stood out, though.  All the women felt they were making the best choice for their family.

But first, my experience with co-sleeping.  Full disclosure.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Calling All Moms: Take the fam to FUN CITY (LadyMama discount!)

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About Fun City
Fun City, a brand-new family fun center designed to cater to the wide age-range and diverse entertainment interests of the modern family, features a variety of fun family experiences including: MagiQuest, mini golf, laser tag, bumper cars, party rooms and a Kosher Snack Bar. Group events and birthday party packages are also available. For more information, visit

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Friday, August 5, 2011

FridayLight Thought To Light By: Make A Match
Written by Mimi Hecht

When was the last time you stopped to consider the people you know that have yet to meet their soulmate? Have you entertained the thought that you could be the missing link, the person they've been needing to make a connection? On the Day of Rest, take advantage of quiet time and let your mind stew with all the people that you know. Light your candles and ask that you be deserving of the privilege to make a match. There's no better time than Shabbat to behold the power of reuniting souls!