Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Life as a Mommy Rockstar

By Rivki Silver
Rivki Silver is a mama with many hats.  When she's not spending time with her two boys and husband, she can be found writing, arranging and performing music; teaching piano lessons; blogging at and mainly trying to keep it all together.  She can currently be found in Cleveland, OH.

"Can you imagine being in the public eye all the time?  
Oh, wait, we kind of are like that … as parents!"

My Life as a Mommy Rockstar

I didn’t realize that it was going to make me famous.  It started off as six women who liked to play music getting together once a week, working on some songs and having fun.   Then we started getting some gigs, you know, playing Melava Malkas for parent-teacher events, or for society events for the older ladies in the community.  While these were paying gigs (sweet!), it wasn’t like I was a household name or anything.

Then we started planning our big concert.  We had committees, we had many, many, mannnny rehearsals.  We had staging, choreography, costume changes, guest artists.  We had a professional sound tech and videographer.  We had major publicity.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LadyMama Fashion Finds: Everyday Flat Sandals

Even though rainy weather conditions in many states may have us fooled, summer WILL cometh! And when she does, you're going to need to be ready with the right shoe-wear. Check out these sandal fashion finds. Weather you're looking for bright-as-candy flats or an earthy pair you can wear with everything, you're sure to draw some sandal inspiration from our favorite picks! 

Notice: No Gladiator sandals! Unless they're light on the straps and neutral-tones, ditch them!  

Fletcher By Lyell Canvas Scallop Sandal



 Cooperative Suede T-Strap Sandal


Rockwell Woven Low Wedge 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Things I do To Survive My Hectic Life

By Becky Brownstein 
Becky Brownstein is a  wife, mother of five, cleaning lady, chef, program/trip organizer, taxi driver, blogger and all around great gal that lives in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Visit her website at where she shares all her experiences as a mother with the motto, "When all else fails, laugh!" 

"I sing, out loud and right smack in the middle of the kitchen."

10 Things I do To Survive My Hectic Life

10. Never ever think about the other mothers who have more kids than I do and seem to have it more together. They most likely don't and if I was in their shoes I would still think the same way. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

9. Think of my husband as a part of me. I wouldn't want to strangle myself now, would I? Thinking of him as a separate piece of myself makes me see him as a human being who has feelings and thinks things through just like I would. He is not malicious and would never intentionally hurt me. When he doesn't do everything I say, it's not because he doesn't love me, It's because I'm being bossy and forgetting I shouldn't boss myself around.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom Shot #11

Happy Mother's Day!
This is my breakfast in bed! Deeeeelicious!

Mother's Day as a Single Mom

[Anonymous submission]

Mother's Day as a Single Mom

I wonder what will be
my first mothers day alone
yet my third as a mom
will my baby know
how sacred a day
will he bring me
breakfast in bed
and jewels made of fruit loops
or will he smile at me sweetly
and say thank you momma
for all you do for me each day
will he even know
how sacred a day
hallmark has made it to be
or will he simply show me
the real meaning of the day
and the true purpose of my job
how lucky and blessed I am
to have him in my life
everyday is mothers day
he is grateful to me every day of the year
for the diapers I change
all the hugs and kisses
and the healthy and yummy food
the arts and crafts we make
precious moments talking and playing
the stories we read and reread
the good memories we create
and that is the most valuable gift of all
my beautiful, loving child
who makes life worth living
every. single. day.