Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interview (and Rosh Hashana Recipe!) with "Kosher In The Kitch" star Nina Safar!

LadyMama had a virtual "sit-down" with Nina Safar, creator of KosherInTheKitch.com.Read her honest take on life in the kitch, her memorable dish flops, great buying tips for the kitch and what she cares about more than Prada and Chanel (you guessed it, her dream kitchen!). 

Saving the best for last!  **RECIPE!**
Don't miss the incredible Rosh Hashana recipe Nina shares at the end of the interview! 

When did you start appreciating food and being in the kitchen?

Growing up, there was always a warm home cooked meal and yummy snacks waiting for us after school. My moms cinnamon buns and chocolate babka are still my favorite desserts and I love the fact that I can always count on there being freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in her cookie jar!

What are the challenges of keeping Kosher in the Kitch? Have you ever craved making a non-kosher recipe? Be honest.

I am a food-show addict. In fact, when I was pregnant with my son I was too sick to eat but still had the usual pregnancy cravings so I would watch “Man Vs. Food” and lived vicariously through Adam Richman. I always get jealous watching him travel the states and sample grub from all over. Thick juicy burgers, cheesy pizza, sweet and savory breakfasts like french toast with sunny side up eggs on top, dripping with syrup. It always looks AMAZING. The orthodox foodie in me is furious that us Kosher eaters don’t seem to have as many options when it comes to eating out. Kosher food does not have to be boring. Why is it that most Kosher spots only serve scrambled eggs and bland potatoes for breakfast? It’s not non Kosher food I crave, it’s the adventurous and unique options non Kosher eaters have available to them that I am envious of.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tznius [Modesty] Sexy — an oxymoron?

In this video are my friends Chaya and Simi (sisters!) talking about their clothing business, Frock Swap [Check 'em out on Facebook!]

Their appearance is getting quite a bit of attention from people who feel that modesty and sexiness cannot go together. (Of course, this was no-doubt the interviewers pushing—a great topic to get people talking. And it worked.)

In a new age, perhaps a woman's desire to feel "sexy" isn't necessarily as "sexual" as the conservative-minded folk may think. Maybe "sexy" is more synonymous with "trendy" and "edgy" and "super-feminine"—feelings which many Jewish women desire to achieve through their dress. And maybe that's okay.  Perhaps we should applaud Chaya and Simi's efforts to offer today's religious women a more modest— yet high-fashion—option.

Or is it an oxymoron? Can you be tznius and sexy? What do YOU think?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting makeup-ready for FALL - here's how.

By Ettel Chava Rosenbaum
Chava is a 26 year old mother of two girls living in Kensington, NY.  She has been a practicing makeup artist for nearly seven years and recently began doing makeup for the exploding field of religious women's theater...in which she also loves to perform! Chava offers lessons to women, teaching them how to apply their own makeup like a professional. In addition to makeup, her passions are singing, comedy and keeping her kids out of her shoe rack. Chava is available to do makeup for simchas and productions in New York. You can contact her to book a consultation or job by e-mailing beautybychava@rocketmail.com

   Bold eyebrows are back big time, so put down those tweezers!


Hello Ladies!

Believe it or not, Summer has nearly passed us by. Fall will soon arrive, so it's time to make some changes to your makeup routine. 

I will choose to ignore the fact that red eye shadow is supposedly a big thing coming this fall, because no matter how expertly applied it is, it always reminds me of conjunctivitis. Ew.

That said, colored eye shadows are still in. The greens, oranges and purples that were bright and bold for Spring and Summer, but toned down for fall. Turn the brights of Summer to softer, deeper and more sophisticated tones. Blue eye shadow is also making a comeback (I will do a more specific how-to on blue eye shadow next time). 

My advice about trends: they only provide guidelines. If you feel blue will make you look like an old lady, take the trend and make it your own by going for blue-green, blue-grey, or just blue eyeliner. You don't have to go all or nothing with color. Use as much or as little as you feel comfortable with and find a shade that suits you!

Its also time to start toning down the bronzer a bit and bring back the blush!

Bold eyebrows are back big time, so put down those tweezers!
The pencil thin lines of the early 2000's are gone: the full, fierce dark feathered look of the nineties are back with a vengeance.You can buy eyebrow stencils to get the shape you want or just follow your brows natural shape and fill it in with brow pencil in short strokes. Full brows also make you look years younger instantly, the same way full lashes do.

I'll be back with more on blue eye shadow! Stay pretty, ladies!