Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Neomi's Nutrition Notice - Let's Talk About Breakfast

By Neomi 

Neomi is the creator of the rapidly growing Facebook page "Whats for Supper," where women share what they're making for dinner that night. She studied nutrition at Touro College and is an avid student of the medical books and works of holistic practitioners like Annemarie Colbin, Christine Winthrip...and Rambam! Neomi lives with her husband and eight kids in Montreal, Que. In April, she will complete her studies to become a Life Coach. Keep coming back to LadyMama for Neomi's Nutrition Notices - teaching you how to incorporate healthy choices, one tip at a time!

"Sometimes a yummy full-grain muffin (maybe with some nut flour added for protein) 
can be made the night before and had in the morning with some herbal tea."

Hello Ladies!

I've been asked by the lovely Mimi of LadyMama to do an interesting series, providing tips on healthy eating for you and your family. I will also include nutritional healing elements of different foods that nature has provided for us. Welcome to "Neomi's Nutrition Notices!"


Firstly I would like to look at the most important meal of the day. Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and the little brain cells that need nourishment. Breakfast needs a little advance planning and maybe getting up ten minutes earlier...but it deserves true recognition!

I like to start my family off with some fruit (and maybe some raw nuts) on an empty stomach and then follow up with something more filling. Like oatmeal with cinnamon (blood sugar stabilizer, and yum!), or a full grain or sprouted grain bread toasted with a nice topping of peanut butter, or even a touch of regular butter once in a while. Maybe some eggs? 

You're gonna laugh, but my kids decided some years back to eat soup for breakfast. And why not? It's warm and full of vegetables and sometimes grains. They often like to add a few tablespoons of cottage cheese inside which makes mama happy for the added protein. All I need to do for this breakfast is heat it up...

Sometimes a yummy full-grain muffin (maybe with some nut flour added for protein) can be made the night before and had in the morning with some herbal tea. A good breakfast eaten leisurely (for a full ten minutes anyway that the morning allows anyway!) can make the whole day flow gently because we are much more equipped to face it! 

Did I hear someone say something about cereals? I find them excellent for packing in my children's lunch boxes in baggies for snack. If you really need your cereal in the morning, maybe try have it with warmed milk to nourish your system. And please make sure its a healthy one with very little sugar count on the side panel and very high protein to fill you up!  Kashi makes excellent ones with high protein counts...13 grams!

In the summer months, I like to make smoothies for my kids' breakfasts. I toss frozen and fresh fruit in the blender, some yogurt and raw honey and - voila! - "dessert" for breakfast! Try adding some flax seeds if your children allow, they come in a light golden color too!

There is alot more left to be said, but we have to leave some things for next time! Until then, keep healthy and strong!

<3, Neomi

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le7 said... [Reply to comment]

My favorite breakfast these days is overnight oats. It's packed with energy and totally customizable to a person's preferences. My favorite combo right now is pumpkin and raspberry where as my husband likes blueberry.