Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What does Passover mean to YOU? Tell us!

What does Passover mean to YOU?
Attention high school and college students:
**Get your essay published in the Jewish Week!**

Matzafun Tours wants to know what Passover means to you! We're running an essay contest, open to all high school and college students, with submissions due March 18th at noon!

1) In 500-750 words, please tell us what Passover means to you. It can incorporate a personal experience, a historical event that inspires you when celebrating Passover, text from the Hagaddah that stands out to you, or an idea totally your own!

2) A strong command of the English language will be a factor upon the decision.

3) If you have been to our program before, incorporate that experience into the essay.

4) Part of the contest is to update your FB status, invite at least 5 friends to the FB page and Tweet (if applicable to you) about the contest, helping to promote Matzafun’s program. Here is the Facebook link and the Twitter link
The deadline for the essay is Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 12:00 PM.
The winning essay gets published in the Jewish Week!
To submit your work, ask questions about the contest or get information about Matzafun Tours, please e-mail
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To learn more about Matzafun Tours, please visit

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