Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day as a Single Mom

[Anonymous submission]

Mother's Day as a Single Mom

I wonder what will be
my first mothers day alone
yet my third as a mom
will my baby know
how sacred a day
will he bring me
breakfast in bed
and jewels made of fruit loops
or will he smile at me sweetly
and say thank you momma
for all you do for me each day
will he even know
how sacred a day
hallmark has made it to be
or will he simply show me
the real meaning of the day
and the true purpose of my job
how lucky and blessed I am
to have him in my life
everyday is mothers day
he is grateful to me every day of the year
for the diapers I change
all the hugs and kisses
and the healthy and yummy food
the arts and crafts we make
precious moments talking and playing
the stories we read and reread
the good memories we create
and that is the most valuable gift of all
my beautiful, loving child
who makes life worth living
every. single. day.

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welcome back! said... [Reply to comment]

so poignant...and beautiful.
its great to have you back!!