Monday, September 26, 2011

Tznius [Modesty] Sexy — an oxymoron?

In this video are my friends Chaya and Simi (sisters!) talking about their clothing business, Frock Swap [Check 'em out on Facebook!]

Their appearance is getting quite a bit of attention from people who feel that modesty and sexiness cannot go together. (Of course, this was no-doubt the interviewers pushing—a great topic to get people talking. And it worked.)

In a new age, perhaps a woman's desire to feel "sexy" isn't necessarily as "sexual" as the conservative-minded folk may think. Maybe "sexy" is more synonymous with "trendy" and "edgy" and "super-feminine"—feelings which many Jewish women desire to achieve through their dress. And maybe that's okay.  Perhaps we should applaud Chaya and Simi's efforts to offer today's religious women a more modest— yet high-fashion—option.

Or is it an oxymoron? Can you be tznius and sexy? What do YOU think?

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Fashion-isha said... [Reply to comment]

Mimi!! You know how I feel about this but I have a better way of putting it. Rather than using the word 'sexy' which is an oxymoron next to tznius. Why not just say stylish and attractive. We dress that way for US not other men! That's the difference. Because when we feel great we can do all the great things woman do!! And there's nothing wrong with looking great!

Oh yeah and how can you hook me up with these people?? I'd love to do some type of follow up video with them!!!!!