Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thought to Light By February 3rd 2012

This week's candle-lighting meditation. I write them every week for FridayLight

If you're human, chances are you've had a run in with jealousy. Maybe you're even challenged with it every day. Thankfully, we have Shabbat as a time to try and relish all that we have. Whether it's some peace and quiet, the company of family and friends or even just the roof over our heads, Shabbat says "The glass is half full." Light your candles and actually verbalize that you are happy and thankful for the lot you've been given. Jealousy is human, but sparking a flame is a wonderful chance to rise above. And oh, how good it feels!

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Fashion-isha said... [Reply to comment]

It's amazing of you to address this and admit it. We all feel it but are too ashamed of it. If we can admit that we are human, that's our emotions are ok, it's not having them that's wrong but what we DO with them that matters, than we'd live in a better place!! Have an amazing rest of your week!