Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick Flower Ideas for the Seder Table

Quick Flower Ideas for the Seder Table 

Most of us have been too busy with the more laborious Passover prep to have given some time to how we're going to decorate our tables. Well, for those of us who want to add a touch of spring with a royal spin for their seder table, I found these simple yet impactful (and budget friendly!) flower ideas! 

All of these ideas won't take up too much space. But most importantly, these ideas all show flowers short enough that everyone can see each other and discuss and learn and ask questions —something so central to the Passover journey. 

My favorite is the disco vase! 

Note: Some people don't buy fresh flowers for Passover, so not to risk bringing chametz into their homes. What a great opportunity to purchase some cheap fake flowers! They can be just as beautiful! 

Find out how to do ^this^ here:

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

Source: via Shantel on Pinterest

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Just a note that one of those appears to have beans in it. Not a problem for sephardim, but an issue for ashkenazim.