Monday, May 14, 2012

Parents Turn to Sleep Counselors [That's my friend Rivky!]

The above clip is from a recent Fox 5 News segment about the increasingly popular use of sleep counselors to help parents and their babies get a good's night sleep. But more than how awesome it is that parents have this unique, gentle and productive option is that it features my friend (and old roommate) Rivky! Oh and her adorable son, Simcha, who is one week older than my youngest son (with whom he needs a play-date with ASAP!)

Kudos to Rivky for refusing to settle for the "Moms don't sleep" status quo! How admirable that she knew she could use some extra help, then pursued it, and is now outspoken and proud of it. 

My favorite part is when Rivky says, "Everyone needs that someone to just push them...[and say] 'You can do it!'" That sort of "co-mama-radery" has been a theme on LadyMama this week, so I just had to salute Rivky as a real-life mom who recognizes the power of support and is doing her utmost to benefit from the mamasphere to raise a healthy, happy baby...and mom! 

Rivky has no idea I am posting this...but maybe if I get an enthusiastic response from her, we'll do a LadyMama interview. I'm sure she's got some good tips for us all! ;) 

Have you ever used a sleep counselor? Do you have any sleep tricks you swear by? What is the most important factor when encouraging good sleep habits? Comment with your thoughts and advice!

For those of us who can use a good chuckle about the status of our sleepless nights, enjoy the cartoons below! 

Wishing all LadyMamas the sleep of their dreams!

GOOD night! Really :) 

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I have been using a sleep counselor for myself from time to time and I find him very effective.

However, he doesn't work for babies. I know he is very young, 12, 15, 18, maybe 21 years old himself at most, but he has loads of experience in this field.

His name is Glen Livet, and he has a cousin in E"Y who is a retired army officer named Alouf Arak.