Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Reasons To Love Being a Jewish Woman

By Mimi Hecht

10 Reasons To Love Being a Jewish Woman

1. Any time a man attempts to interfere in our role, we simply say “No, no, no. That’s my territory! God said so. Just look it up.” 

2. There are enormous stereotypes that validate all the guilt we live with. 

3. We actually make our kids Jewish. So there’s one dependable thing they are and always will be...simply because we are their mother. 

4. There are an abundance of places, events and privileges that are “For Women Only.” And I mean more than that one-hour at the JCC swimming pool. From socials to lectures, we are a part of a truly connected and celebrated elite club. 

5. The Mikvah system forces us to have that spa-like deep cleaning we would otherwise never find time or energy for. The good thing is, it’s the kind of appointment nobody can make us reschedule. 

6. At the end of every week, we host dinner parties to show off all our prowess in the kitchen. It’s called Shabbat, and even though it’s not exactly a Day of Rest for us, we still love it.

7. Every Friday night, our men sing a song praising us as “Women of Valour.” They look at us and smile in love and appreciation. Even if the song is more of a metaphor and, um, actually addressed to God, we still get to enjoy the hullabaloo. 

8. We have awesome role models in our Biblical matriarchs. Sarah had four doors on each side of her tent to draw in guests of all kinds. Rivkah maintained her identity while being raised in an immoral environment. With heroes like that, we’re practically a lost cause. But at least an inspired lost cause. 

9. For the Orthodox amongst us, when we get married, everyone incessantly compliments our hair. It’s almost like by the very fact that it’s not our own real tresses, we must look “uhhmaayyyyzeeng.” It certainly makes all the sheitel-trauma worth it as we “wig-gle” our way to our ideal look. 

10. And finally, we love how our religion is always revealing the spirituality in everything we do. We can’t light a candle, talk to our husbands or cook for Shabbos without it being Larger Than Life. We constantly feel like superhumans. Or better yet, Goddesses. Ya, that’s right, Goddesses.

Do you relate to this list?
What do YOU love about being a Jewish woman? Comment with your additions!

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