Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bringing Light To Your Face

By Ettel Chava Rosenbaum

Chava is a 26 year old mother of two girls living in Kensington, NY.  She has been a practicing makeup artist for nearly seven years and recently began doing makeup for the exploding field of religious women's which she also loves to perform! Chava offers lessons to women, teaching them how to apply their own makeup like a professional. In addition to makeup, her passions are singing, comedy and keeping her kids out of her shoe rack. Chava is available to do makeup for simchas and productions in New York. You can contact her to book a consultation or job by e-mailing


Nothing is as flattering to the face as candlelight. It illuminates the center of the face bringing it in focus, with a diffusing glow that diminishes blemishes, and brings out the contours. Everyone sparkles in candlelight. 

If you have a special occasion, a summer wedding perhaps, you can give yourself that candlelit soft focus even if there are no candles present. 

What You Need:
All you need is a shimmery highlighter, either a cream or a powder. A highlighting powder can be a sheer highlighting eye shadow in a glowing shade like pale gold or champagne. Cream highlighters come in many forms, but if you don't have one, simply use a sheer foundation two shades lighter than you're skin. If you're using a cream, use your ring finger to apply it. If you prefer powder, use a fluffy shading brush.

How To Apply:Gently tap the cream or dust the powder into the inner parts of your cheeks, from the sides of the nose, blended out to the middle to the apple, a bit at the bridge of the nose, the chin, corners of the mouth and between the eyebrows. Also blend from the inner corners of the eyes, lightly down to the inner cheeks. 

It should just be a slight glow, not too much and well blended. In the dim lights of a simcha hall it will look stunning! And this look is especially perfect for photos! 

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