Friday, August 5, 2011

FridayLight Thought To Light By: Make A Match
Written by Mimi Hecht

When was the last time you stopped to consider the people you know that have yet to meet their soulmate? Have you entertained the thought that you could be the missing link, the person they've been needing to make a connection? On the Day of Rest, take advantage of quiet time and let your mind stew with all the people that you know. Light your candles and ask that you be deserving of the privilege to make a match. There's no better time than Shabbat to behold the power of reuniting souls!

1 LadyMama voices: said... [Reply to comment]

a nice idea (which I would like to adopt, but haven't yet:)) is to keep a list of all the singles I meet, single men on one side and single women on the other. I heard of a man who made many shidduchim this way.

thanks mimi for raising this important issue...I like this candle lighting idea.