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MimList: 5 Reasons Every Mom Must Own A Black Dress

Mimi Hecht
Mimi Hecht is a stark contrast to the by-the-books, food pureeing, self-sacrificing supermom that many women feel pressured to live up to. Her articles like “The 10 Untruths about Motherhood” and “My Mama Manual” offer women an honest and humorous take on both the joys and hardships in trying to stay sane, stylish and spiritual in Motherland. Through her candor in addressing things like infertility, the high price of groceries or her mind-battle over circumcising her son, Mimi strives to inspire confidence in women and teach new moms to march to the beat of their own drum. To share her thoughts and celebrate all kinds of mothers, she started LADYMAMA a growing online community of modern-day Jewish women. Follow LadyMama on Facebook at

5 Reasons Every Mom Must Own A Black Dress

[ Stay tuned for Fashion-Isha's guest blog on some amazing black dress finds! ] 

1. Hide The Mess (it’s all over you!)
Black is the ultimate comeback to all the things your kids throw, spill and paint all over you. It’s a safety zone in the world of stained mom-wear. With a black dress, you can actually get dressed before the babysitter arrives without avoiding your kids like they’re a plague. If you get something on you, just wipe it down with some water and it blends right in. No one will ever see the spitup, marker and food that is truly all over you.

2. Mask The Bulge (come on, we all have one)
Whether you lost all your baby weight or not, chances are you’re still showing a little bulge where it counts. What better to hide it with than a slimming back dress? Oh and just a side note, when someone compliments you for looking so svelte, don’t say “Oh, no, it’s just the dress.” You were smart enough to wear it, so just take the compliment.

3. Leave The House (you can do it)
The complaints of “I have nothing to wear” start during pregnancy and may not end for a while - unless you have tons of time (and money!) to be shopping. If you just make sure to have that perfect black dress, it will become your best friend when it’s time to go out.  No more sad excuses. Get out of your pajamas and enjoy a night out!

4. Blend in (gasp!)
If the idea of not standing out scares you, this one is for you. While the days of catching every one’s eye with your wardrobe choice don’t have to be over, sometimes it’s good to leave the house without making that your focus. You’re a mom now and wearing a black dress says ‘I’m happy with my life” and “I can appreciate simplicity.” Plus, in a black dress, you make the rules and define yourself.  Now you decide how you’ll stand out - not your dress. Call it maturity, call it boring - it’s an important experience to have now that you’re a mom.

5. Have Fun With Everything Else (go all out)
With the blank canvas of your perfect black dress, you can now have fun with some long-neglected makeup, hair and jewelry! Take advantage of not having to work with certain colors and styles to match your outfit. Get vavoom with your hair, chunky funky with your jewelry and be a bit brave with your makeup. Go all out with your, well, femaleness! And for those moms who need the reminder: don’t forget to shave your legs. We all know it's been a while.

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Any cute or practical tip offered here is unfortunately undermined by the ‘black dress’ image. Hoping that the guest blog will exhibit a greater sensitivity to halochic guidelines for tsnius.

Fashion-isha said... [Reply to comment]

I love the way you write with that touch of humor we all need in our busy and sometimes not so easy lives. When it comes to tznius no blog is a posek...just a frame of reference and inspiration. Take from it what you want and do what's right for you. Mimi I love your reasons to wear black! Oh....and I appreciate the link!

Order Matters said... [Reply to comment]

Mimi, you crack me up. I enjoyed a good chuckle at the last couple of lines: "And for those moms who need the reminder: don’t forget to shave your legs. We all know it's been a while." LOL!