Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Blogger: Dear Husband, We Won the Lottery

By CSK from Los Angelos, CA
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My husband and I often talk about winning the lottery. We speak about all the things we'd buy, the cars we would drive, the house we always dreamed of being at our finger tips, the charities we'd give to and how life would be so much easier without the constant struggle of bills and rent. Together, we buy a lottery ticket once a week in hope of waking up one day to a whole new life—a life where we could live comfortably and be able to make all our dreams come true. 

Then, one night as I lay in bed thinking to myself, it dawned on me. And I decided to write this letter to my husband.

To My Sweet Husband, 

Do you remember that night when you placed a wedding band on my finger, and then stepped on a glass under our Chuppah with the crowd erupting in music and dancing... 

That night, we won the lottery.

Do you recall that day when we set up our tiny little apartment, shopping for all the new things we would need to build a home together, so naive and innocent but so rich with happiness...

It was then that we won the lottery.

The memory of the day when that red plus symbol appeared on my pregnancy test and you jumped in the air and yelled "Yeessss!" as we laughed and cried tears of joy, knowing we were about to build a family together…

That day, we won the lottery.

The moment when our beautiful baby boy came into this world, and I watched you turn from a young man into a father holding your son with a face glowing with love and pride...

At that very moment, we won the lottery.

Do you remember how hearing the laughter of our newborn made our hearts melt together, as if the entire world was frozen in time, when it was really just the three of us...

Right then, we had won the lottery.

I'll never forget the nights before my grandfathers death, where you'd lie awake with me at night listening to me tell stories about my Zeidy and how much I would miss him.. You were so tired from a hard day's work, yet you sat with me until 3am, both of us bonded by a sincere understanding and love...

It was that night that we won the lottery.

And do you remember taking our son to the beach, watching the waves crash onto the shore, as he clapped and watched in amazement.. 

Just one of the many times we had won the lottery.

So to my husband, my best friend, my partner, my world: Although we may not have won the Megamillion, We have already won the most meaningful and rewarding lottery countless times in our lives.

Your rich wife

Many times in our lives we think about how much happier we would be with more money. How easy everything would be. How all our problems would magically be washed away in exchange for those crisp dollar bills. That we would have better relationships, better marriages. How we would be better mothers, wives, and friends—if only we would just have that money. But I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when you are filled with happiness and love and you choose to see the real wealth all around you, you are just as rich as yesterday’s Megamillion winner! 

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Yanky & Shandel Strasberg said... [Reply to comment]

that was BEAUTIFUL!! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

awww so sweet!! - devoiri s

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

This article reminds me of a video I made over 2 years ago on the same subject!

Single people can also win the lottery! Please watch:

We are richer than rich!

Faygie Fellig said... [Reply to comment]

sweet post...

Fashion-isha said... [Reply to comment]

Oh boy this is a GREAT one! I love's so beautiful and romantic! I must repost this. Also thank for you amazing comment on my blog..yes I do wish we lived closer...for many more reason than to have you come visit me and bring me things!
Lots of love,