Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why I Haven't Blogged (Alternate Title: "Excuses, Excuses")

Warning: This blog post is uninspiring, unimportant and simply satisfies my need to get back into blogging with a post that addresses my insane absence over the past few months :) Nevertheless, welcome me back in the comments and let's get ready to roll :) 

Why I Haven't Blogged
(Alternate Title: "Excuses, Excuses")

1. I am lazy. This comes first because if I wasn't so lazy, none of the excuses to follow would exist. There are no good reasons for not blogging, especially considering that when I do write an important article or even just a fun post, I feel expressed and accomplished. I just need to do it. But from my laziness breeds procrastination and the next thing I know I'm so desperate to snap out of it that I'm sitting down writing and actually considering publishing my excuses because I'm too LAZY to actually put something good out there. But hey, consider this me breaking the ice. 

2. I am tired. This is very different than being lazy. Lazy is a passive and pathetic. Tiredness feels more valid. My kids wake up before 6 and want to conquer the world. That's really great for them. Not so much for me. And yes, I do go to bed early. But since summer, I have been devoting a lot of time to my home and my kids. It's been rewarding. And tiring. 

3. Content doesn't come easy. Sometimes I wish I was a fashion blogger or a food blogger. Not that I excel at either of those. But I would have more natural content covering fashion and posting recipes. LadyMama is my own personal thoughts and opinions (plus awesome guest bloggers every now and then!). I have a plethora of thoughts and ideas during the day worthy of publishing, conversations worth starting. But I need a lot of mental space and time to get it out. And I need to be inspired and thoughtful and caring and NOT #1 (lazy) and #2 (tired). 

4. Losing my groove. When I am in a groove with my blog, things are smooth sailing (okay, that's redundant). But when I let some weeks pass, it's incredibly hard to get back into it. I start feeling like no one cares whether I write or not...and there are so many other rocking blogs out there...who am I to even pretend to be a blogger? And what could I possibly write that's good enough to make up for the time past? And maybe I'm not a good writer. And maybe it's just a silly time-wasting distraction. Sure, I look back at articles like about my miscarriage and my opinion on Chassidim in the media and I know that people are listening and my writing is important to people. But is it really worth it? 

5. I have a new business. Okay, so maybe I'm not THAT lazy after all. Together with my sister-in-law, we started MimuMaxi, an original line of skirts that we design ourselves. I never intended for a new venture to take away from my baby, my blog. I know it's possible to "do it all," especially if my writing is meaningful to me. But nevertheless, putting energy into a new venture still makes it easy to ignore LadyMama. 

That being said, I intend to put some 
more time and energy into LadyMama. Stay tuned :) 

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Chanalesings said... [Reply to comment]

Maybe you should write a book instead. Fiction perhaps?

Faygie Fellig said... [Reply to comment]

i hear you . sometimes it's hard to keep 'all' the different momentos going. love the skirts.

Fashion-isha said... [Reply to comment]

So glad you're back! And about number we're one of the blogs that inspired me when I first started. I was amazed at your writing skills and the depth of your thoughts! Isn't it crazy how we all have our insecurities and what you look like on the outside is so diff than how you feel on the inside! But what I love the most is your realness and ability to put this all in writing for the world to see. It's so validating to us who feel exactly the same but don't admit it. Your content here, believe it or not, is top notch. Keep 'em coming..pleeease!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I like your blog. Keep writing :)

Sara said... [Reply to comment]

Good to know that you are back...

keeeeeeep writing!!! You have to!! its the best jewish blog out there :) i swear :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Nice to see u back on the blog. It's always a fun little break from my day to read your blogs and thought provoking too!

Léa said... [Reply to comment]

Welcome back!!

I am a follower from France, and I was really looking forward to reading from you!
Here, I don't know any religious jewish women who write a blog. I think that what you do is very interesting, very inspiring and I love to see how frum jewish woman elsewhere deal with everyday life, that we share the same problems (I have enjoyed very much the post on yom Kipur)... So don't think that noone cares, it is not true, your blog is for me a window open on the world! (sorry for my English, I've tried my best ;)