Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are Heels Only For Mommies?

[When is it fitting for our daughters to start wearing heels?]

Suri Cruise, the three-year-old daughter of celebrities Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, attracted media attention last week when she was spotted wearing high heels. While shoe lines carrying all styles of heels and platforms for little girls have sprouted up over the past few years, there’s nothing like a celebrity to push a fad over the edge and fashion-forward mothers are now scrambling for the perfect heels for their tiny tots.

But many parents are divided as to whether the added inches are appropriate for their little ones, complaining that heels should be strictly "mommies only."

I haven’t yet made up my mind about this; I’m simply getting a kick (yes, pun intended) out of the debate. It does seem to me that, in an age when mature trends – in the form of books, movies and more - are aging our children too quickly, little girls wearing heels may be the most innocent. But then again, any honest woman knows the agenda of a good pair of heels – the confident, straight walk it produces can only be described as “sexy.”

Is it simply “girly” and “cute” for little girls to wear heels? Or will it turn them into mature ladies too quickly? When is it fitting for our daughters to start wearing heels? What do YOU think?

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surelatke said... [Reply to comment]

I love the subject Mimi, I was thinking of my Liba when I read it…
I do think it’s insane... little girls should seat outside and get dirty in the sand with big dresses or jeans and a t-shirt enjoying every minute that they can be 100% themselves and have fun!!!
My daughter Liba is 2 years old the thought of her having to prance around in hills all day long seams brutal...
Anyways, Suri does look like a hot kid but should kids look Hot?! Mmmmmm … don’t think so...

Freidel said... [Reply to comment]

I was of the first of my friends to wear heels...in seventh grade. It made me feel big, mature and showed that my mother agreed. So I think Ill have my daughter wait till she shows a certain amount of maturity as well, and grows into that phase. (then again, Id planned to do that with piercing her ears. I gave in when it seemed her hair would never grow- it was earrings or pink clothes )

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

what do i think? i think you cant hold elmo and wear high heels at the same time. just doesnt work!

Myway613 said... [Reply to comment]

high heels should be for dress up- along with faux furry boas and big sunglasses inside mommy's house. Outside the only thing they can lead to is medical bills as the child slips on puddles or ice or uneven sidewalks. High heels are certainly not for playgrounds. sensible flats with a good tread is the only thing little girls need.

Andrea K said... [Reply to comment]

Forget the heels, why is she allowed to wear peep-toes in the pouring rain?? She'll catch a cold!!

Rachnut said... [Reply to comment]

When I saw this pic, I didn't see anything disturbing or inappropriate abt it. Here's a little girl who see her mommy wearing heels, and wants to wear them too. Little girls look up to their mommy's and want to emulate them. It's innocent heel-wearing. Just like when a little girl wants to put on lipstick and eyeshadow to look beautiful like her mommy. Why should we limit a child's playfulness and curiosity bec heels have a stigma of sexiness. And anyways, if wanting to be sexy isn't a quality that we want our daughters to learn, then we shouldn't teach it to them whether they're 3 or 17. The point is, she wants to look pretty like her mom, she doesn't have a clue what heels are really there for. All the clothing that a mother buys for her daughter should be age-appropriate, but if a little girl picks out a pair of shoes that has a little heel to it, I don't think she should be refused.

Raizel said... [Reply to comment]

Putting heels on little girls, not just prancing around in mommies heels for a few minute, is reminiscint of the foot binding that the Chinese used to do to all little girls to keep their feet small because that's what was considered beautiful. Heels are not good for ANYONE, let alone little children who's feet, knees and backs are all still growing and shaping. Yes, we feel sexier when we put on heels, but at what expense to our bodies? Do we want to do this to our little girls? Not to mention do we really want to reinforce the message that wearing heels is part of their beauty??

chanale said... [Reply to comment]

little girls love to be like mommy - and that's totally normal and innocent. but i'm not sure that its really appropriate for them to actually do and have everything like mommy. playtime seems to be a perfect way for my little girl to enjoy that - she can dress up: heals, makeup & all - but otherwise...