Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mom Shot #16: Pretty Poultry

It's been a while since I've done a mom shot. But now that I've cleared out some images from my Blackberry (yes, I know, I need an iPhone), I'm back! If you're a new reader, be sure to check out previous Mom Shots—random snapshots of my life as LadyMama! 

What can I say...I put all the chicken soup ingredients in the pot and before I filled it with water, I couldn't help but see such beauty in the raw materials, emerging from the shadows, calmly accepting their soup fate, ready to blend together in harmony.

Oh, look, now my pretty poultry is sparking poultry poetry (say that ten times fast).

Anyways, pretty or not, let's just hope this chicken soup works its magic on the festering colds in my home!

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Elisheva said... [Reply to comment]

Your Mom Shots are so clever, entertaining and straight from the heart. I just looked through all of them and look forward to more!