Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing MadeMod: One Stop Modesty + Fashion! [Win $100 giftcard!]

I am very excited to introduce my readers to a wonderful site featuring modest and trendy clothing. You see, LadyMamas, modest fashion is NOT an oxymoron—they DO go together. All you need to do is check out MadeMod (and like the MadeMod Facebook page!) to see some amazing curation of fashionable attire made for modern +  modest femmes just like you and me. 

The creator of MadeMod, Chaya Steinmetz, has a great eye for finding pieces that are in trend and wearable. A lot of sites come my way, asking me to help promote their business with the same theme. I am more often dissapointed than impressed (although I hope to feature some other awesome sites, soon, so there is hope!). The good thing is that we live in an era where there is heightened interest in modesty and therefore a significant increase in availability. No complaints there! But it's not often that I see people answering this need in the right way—with the eye on fashion just as true as the eye on modesty. 

I'm also really impressed with the cleanliness and usability of the site. You can shop by category or brand and all the images take you to the retailer's site.  

MadeMod's slogan is "We do the work so you don't have to." If you check out the site you'll see that MadeMod tells you where you can find these pieces.  It's not like Chaya started her own fashion line...but if you buy through her site, you can help support her work in helping us find trendy and modest clothing! Most of us know the task of scouring both online and in real stores for those pieces we can actually wear. How wonderful that someone is taking the headache away and presenting us with a site featuring options we don't have to question and sift through. 

I perused her finds and was like "Wow, I can and would wear anything here!" 

And here's even better news: 
MadeMod is giving away a $100 gift certificate! 

You can enter here:

LadyMama readers get an exclusive bonus entry. All you need to do is comment on this blog post or on the LadyMama Facebook page with what you would buy at MadeMod if you won the giftcard! That's right -- go window shopping at MadeMod, tell us what you'd buy, and be entered!

Below are some of my favorite pieces 
that MadeMod is currently featuring:

Thank you Chaya from MadeMod and all the other Ladies and Mamas out there who are using their talents and drive to honor our traditions in a 
way that is modern and beautiful

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

The Pastel sweatshirt/Pixie Market for the fall!

Rachel L Black said... [Reply to comment]

The Pastel sweatshirt/Pixie Market for the fall!

groovyhoovy said... [Reply to comment]

great idea!
much success!!!

Fashion-isha said... [Reply to comment]

Fabulous! I'm so glad to see this!

Chani M said... [Reply to comment]

the adrianna pappell dress from nordstrom is gorgeous!!!

Chani M said... [Reply to comment]

The adrianna pappell dress from nordstrom is absolutely gorgeous!