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Coral + Turquoise: How To Wear This Trendy Makeup Melody

By Vera Tov

Vera is a certified makeup artist based in New York. A graduate of a protégées Make Up Designory school (MUD). Vera has all of the necessary skills and tools to create an unique and fresh look for any occasion. Vera’s ability to realize the client's vision, re-create a look from a photograph or film, or develop a unique look, camouflaging imperfections while enhancing the natural beauty is truly unsurpassed.
In Vera's words: 
My makeup had been confiscated on more than one occasion in High School. How could the teachers not understand the fact that a mirror compact was an extension of my arm, and eyeliner – a wand, without which I felt powerless. Silly, of course, I know. Well, I was a teenager then, and now…I feel the same exact way now!

Coral + Turquoise
How To Wear This Trendy Makeup Melody 

If you have had any interaction with the Planet Earth, you must know by now that two of the trendiest colors this season are turquoise and coral, as well as other variations of the blue and orange families. Worn with other colors or together, these colors complement any skin tone. Turquoise and coral are examples of natural materials that have are commonly used in jewelry. Historically, Coral has been associated with well-being and its “power” to relieve excessive worry. Similarly, turquoise has been fascinating people throughout millennia for evoking inner peace by absorbing negative energy. Although these may be myths, unique colors of these materials have transitioned into clothing and makeup more noticeably this season than ever before. I happen to find these colors, paired with yellow gold, completely irresistible.

The reason they create such an intriguing effect is the color theory. If you’ve ever taken an art class, there is likelihood that you’ve covered the basics, such as the primary and secondary colors. Perhaps, you’ve even created a color wheel as the one below.

Pairs of colors that appear opposite each other on the color wheel are complementary. When worn together, they have a very dramatic impact. Turquoise, which is closest to blue-green, would be exactly across coral, which is closest to red-orange. But unlike primary (red, yellow, and blue) and secondary colors (orange, green, and violet), turquoise and coral possess just the right amount of intensity to make enough of a statement without looking overwhelming.

When it comes to using makeup, I can’t seem to shake off certain stereotypes associated with blue/turquoise eye shadow and orange/coral lipstick (think real-life Russian nesting dolls!). Although it is not a look I would personally choose to wear myself, there are no real rules in makeup. So, if you bear no such associations, and it’s a look you find attractive, I’m truly envious!

Below are alternative ways of wearing both colors in close proximity:
  1. Wear coral lipstick and turquois earrings or necklace. Keep eye makeup neutral (gray, cream, taupe, or brown).
  2. Try the opposite – turquois accents on the eyes, paired with a nude lipstick or a light peachy gloss. Coral-toned jewelry will look beautiful.
  3. In this Maybelline ad featuring their new(ish) Color Tattoo gel shadows, the model is wearing both colors, except the colors are more like teal and tangerine. Notice that with her eyes featured as the focus of the look, the lips are kept very natural. Also, keep in mind that this is an advertisement. To make these colors more wearable in real life, it is probably advisable to reduce the amount and/or intensity of the hues.
  1. For a variations on applying both colors on the eyes, I suggest the following:
  • If you have blue eyes, use an orange/golden shadow on the eyelids, and teal eyeliner along the bottom lash line. Wear black or dark brown eyeliner to define the upper lash line.
  • If your eyes are brown, like mine, try teal or another color in the blue range on your eyelids, accented with a bit of gold in the inner corners and/or along the lower lash line.
  1. These beautiful colors look more dramatic against tanned skin, so a little bit of bronzer could be a plus. Just, please, try not to overindulge…

  2. One more tip: just about all eye shadows tend to crease, especially in the summer. The brighter the colors you wear, the more pronounced the creasing will appear. You can lessen, if not avoid altogether, the creasing by applying an eyelid primer prior to your eye makeup.

In this photo, Taylor is wearing both colors on her face. However, the colors 
are muted and the emphasis on both the lips and the eyes are well balanced.

Here is another option: turquois liner, neutral shadow and nude lips.

 This is the way I would most likely incorporate turquoise into my 
make up, being that my eyes are of similar shape and color.  

Final thought: I absolutely love turquois and coral (just not in the way described above) because it reminds me of tropical vacations—Caribbean Sea, snorkeling, and sipping cocktails—as well as snacking on papayas mango, and watermelon. Just sitting in my backyard typing this makes my skin feel a little bit warmer on this breezy day and my heart full of anticipation of where this summer will take me.

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Love this look! I'm going to have to find a turqoise eyeliner for the beach this summer!