Monday, July 23, 2012

Trusting G-d: Better than our "go-to" friend

How are all my LadyMama's doing?

It's been a bit quiet on my blog, as our family has been dealing with a young loved one who is very sick (please have Shneur Chaim Yitzchak Alexander ben Nechama Dina in your prayers!). It's been a week of hospital visits and prayers and even something called an "amen gathering." But most of all, my mind has just been consumed with heavy and deep thoughts about life (what's all the suffering for?), G-d (is he listening?), prayer (does it work?) and the list goes on. Normally, I would blog about it, but I haven't been sleeping so well and been with the two little ones during the day. Exhaustion is not the word. 

How grateful I am that the following piece came to my inbox, via an anonymous writer who refuses to shed her disguise. What an important reminder, especially during The Nine Days, to reinstate G-d as our trusted and dependable "go-to." 

Thank you, anonymous, for a down-to-earth post that came to me at the time I needed it most. 

TRUSTING G-D: Better than our "go-to" friend

Do you have a person that you can always count on?

Your mom? Dad? Brother? Sister? Best friend? 

Mentor? Aunt? The one you call when you need a babysitter now

The one you call...when you miss your flight and the next flight’s asking price is more than 3 digits? When your boss yells at you and you feel unappreciated and underpaid? When your car breaks down in middle of the highway and you don't know how to change your tire let alone jump a car? When your lost and your GPS is telling you to go on a one way street—the wrong way of one way street?

When you finally do reach this person, and this trusted being is on the case, your heart settles.

You're breathing in and out again. Your jaw slackens, your fists uncoil, and your eyes stop having that slight crazed look. You are safe. You are relaxed. You're at peace.

Why? Because your “go-to” loves you and wants the best for you. 

You know that. And so you are okay.

I am not Miss Punctual, nor am I Miss Tardy. I sometimes say no when I can't do things, and I try to say yes when I can. So I doubt I am anyone's count-on.

But I do have some people in my life who I feel this way about. I trust them 99.9%. I am realistic, nothing is a perfect 100%.

Oh, but there is...

There's G-d. 

That person you trust? Well, they've got nothing on Hashem. Nothing. 

Can you imagine? G-d's more reliable than your “go-to.” That really responsible, educated yet street smart, uptight and sometimes neurotic, do gooder. That  happy martyr that might be your mom, friend, sister, uncle or even boss. Whoever, whenever. G-d tops them because not only did He create your “go to," He created mine. And my “go to” is good. Very good.

My father once told me, "Love people, trust Hashem."

Can you imagine trusting the Creator with every breath you take?

Thinking that makes me breathe slower already. Not only is He going to come through one hundred percent, but nothing will stop Him. Not a snow storm or hurricane, or a delayed flight. G-d does not sleep. G-d is constantly watching and making sure that what happens…is meant to be. And is good.

So think about it. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine a life where G-d is your trusted best friend. And more. Ask yourself, what's stopping you from making G-d your go-to? 

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