Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marriage Musings: Moshiach and Marriage

Marriage Musings
By Russi Wachtel


Moshiach and marriage are two concepts that had always baffled me. Both ideas had my primitive belief that one day they would occur, but when and how were adverbs that played a big part in preventing my undeveloped trust from becoming a more genuine one.

One factor about marriage that fazed me was the idea of a soul mate. How was I to believe that one person, out of millions, was suppose to be “my one and only” and that, somehow, with the help of the divine, we would cosmically find each other, and like magnets, connect. Beyond how, I was confounded by the thought of when I would get married. At that time, I had no known prospects in sight and so the idea that at any moment I could meet my beshert amazed me!

I also had difficulties picturing myself married. I couldn’t imagine a life so different than the one I was living. For me, trying to imagine myself married was like trying to recall a dream. I could visualize bits and pieces but there was a block when trying to grasp the entire concept.

Similarly, with the idea of Moshiach - I believed with certainty in its ultimate revelation but when and how it would happen puzzled me. How could it be possible that at any minute Moshiach could come! Was I really supposed to accept that with a sound of a shofer my entire world would change?! The entire concept of having a world so different than the one we live in today confounded me! I couldn’t conceive of a time where my materialistic wants and needs would be replaced with only a sublime thirst to connect to Hashem.

My jumbled thoughts on Moshiach remained the same until I met my husband. My husband and I had it easy recognizing each other as each others soul mate. After dating for just two weeks, we made plans to get married. It all happened really quickly; with a snap of a finger, my entire life changed! As my feelings for my husband grew, so did my belief in Moshiach. With my husband at my side, I realized that beautiful things like finding ones soul mate and Moshiach could happen!  It dawned on me that Moshiach really could be right around the corner!  Just like my husband was!

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Love it! :) Russ, keep em coming!