Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marriage Musings: My Mopping Mess

Marriage Musings
By Russi Wachtel

 "It was then that I came across the
fashionably looking, latex cleaning gloves."


If I could share with you what it was like the first time I attempted to mop my floors...

Days before my first mopping experience, my husband and I visited our local supermarket to buy the mopping supplies that we needed. We spent a good hour smelling various household solutions, and going through the different labels and cleaning equipment. It was then that I came across the fashionably looking, latex cleaning gloves. The kind that I’ve seen cleaning-ladies wear, but with a more elegant twist. They were calling my name.
Something about the long neck of the gloves made them look chic and so ballroom like, that I chose to buy that pair over the other more comfortable looking, looser ones. They fit tightly around my fingers...but they looked cute, so who cared?!

With all my new cleaning supplies - latex gloves included -  I felt like I was ready to take on whatever dirt I came across. A few minutes before stepping foot into the troubled area of where I was to mop, I filled up a large bucket with water and added the cleaning fluid, ounce by ounce, without concern to the warning label, which stated the soap/water ratio. Within moments, I started to feel light headed and woozy due to my negligence. The toxic smell that escaped from the bucket was nauseating and debilitating to the point that I felt like I could possibly faint. But I was on a mission! I disregarded my aversion and continued on my way.

After preparing the cleaning solution, I attempted to put on the pretty latex gloves but because my hands were still wet, the delicate gloves would not go on! After drying my hands, I made repeated attempts and succeeded in finally getting them on, but by that time I felt so dizzy and lightheaded from the soapy water concoction and from the energy exerted in actually putting on the gloves that I no longer felt like I was able to mop.  Yet, I felt compelled to complete what I started so gathered my strength and went for it.  

Cue the background music for an action film that has a heroine wipe out an army of muck: I had a mop in one hand, and a BIG bucket of soapy water in the other, while wearing the devilish yellow gloves, and a look of pure determination in my eyes. I looked like I was ready for a cleansing war as I marched to the front line, where I was to begin the essential task of cleaning my floors. 

As I approached the targeted spot, I felt a hellish itching feeling materialize from beneath my gloves. My hands were on fire!  Something to do with the gloves being latex and tight did not agree with my skin. Also having played around with the toxic solution before putting the gloves on, made my hands an easy prey for the malicious contact with latex.

A humongous rash broke out all over my neck and hands and I began to itch incessantly.  With my headache and my rashes, I was a complete mess. Needless to say, I did not end up mopping that night. 

My first experience with the mop was dangerous and disastrous but I learned from that incident that when dealing with chemical substances one needs to be careful. Also, that latex gloves are evil and that they should be banned. Thank G-d, with time, I learned how to mop without breaking out in rashes and my floors have never been cleaner. Like all other challenges, time is of the essence. 

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