Sunday, November 6, 2011

INTRODUCING: Style Spy Sunday!

Introducing a new LadyMama feature: 

If you're a blogger, you know that posting on Sundays can be hard. It's a pajama morning and then you want to get out of the house, have a day, come home late (in other words, lead a bloggable life :)).  

Of course, that means that the blog often gets neglected for the day. Well, not anymore! With Style Spy Sundays, I can be anywhere, spy fashion items or stylish strangers, snap a picture and post for everyone to enjoy! 

I'm exciting that my first Style Spy Sunday features two things I love: vibrant colors and animal print. [Look for both in an upcoming collaboration with Fashion-Isha featuring my personal Autumn style!]

The style snapped below were spied at Sprinkles ice cream store in Flatbush. When these shoes walked in, I couldn't help but stop these fashionistas. The loafers are Steve Madden, the shoelace heel is Michael Kors—as is that must-have leopard print bag! 

 Popping shoes with neutral tights or popping tights with neutral shoe: SCORE.
 Leopard print cushion tote by Michael Kors—LOVE!
[Brought to you by the wearer of the Michael Kors shoes above.]
It's a good thing I don't have these (yet?) because I would wear them with 
everything and never take them off! Animal print + Comfort + Tights = YES!

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LOIS said... [Reply to comment]

love the last shoes :)
Love Lois xxx