Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MimList: 5 things I promise to do today!

I have a lot of pressing things on my to-do list, but these are things that may easily get pushed aside if I don't type them up and broadcast them to my readers!

If you see me later today, ask me where I'm holding :)

5 Things I Promise To Do Today

1. Call Grandma. It's been one month since my Grandfather—her husband of almost 60 years—passed away. We spoke before Shabbat, but it was rushed and I told her we'd talk more at length during the week.

2. Make an effort to set my friend up. A young man that came over to my house last weekend may just be what my close friend is looking for. But who will ever know if I don't find out more about him, what he's looking for?

3. Have a normal lunch. Actually prepare something healthy, use a plate and...sit down!

4. Take more photos. For a feature I'm doing on Fashion-Isha! Stay tuned for my Autumn Fashion Inspirations!

5. Write a "MimList." (Check!)

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