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Mad About 60's Fashion—w/Guest Blogger Elisheva of!

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I'm very excited about featuring Elisheva Blumberg's pickings from 60's fashion, inspired from a television show that—whether you watch T.V. or not—is very inspiring in the modest fashion arena! Go check out Elisheva's blog and follow her on Facebook! She has a keen eye for great looks, gives thorough advice (like her latest post on pairing booties with skirts!) and always has a fresh take that is easy to translate into our every day desire to be beaaaaaaautiful! 

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Mad About 60's Fashion!
By: Elisheva Blumberg from Bellabusta

The 1960's are having a fashion renaissance now. There are so many gorgeous, feminine and show-stopping 60's looks that can be easily adapted for a modern as well as modest look.

Here are three fabulous and feminine 60's looks that you can bring into the 21st century - all inspired by characters from the 60's era show "Mad Men!"

Look #1 Prim and Proper
The early 60's maintained the rigid women's roles of the previous decade. Although there were women in the workplace, they dressed in a very feminine fashion. Dainty accessories, perfectly placed hairdos and classic silhouettes ruled.
Try this:
To get the ultra-feminine look of the early 60's without looking too costume-y, you'll need a few updates. Start with a brightly-hued dress in a ladylike shape and build the outfit from there. It used to be a fashion necessity to match your accessories with your dress, but now it's just the opposite. Mix things up with an animal print blazer and pumps in a contrasting color. A vampy nail color keeps the look modern. And if you feel up for a something daring, try a  fascinator headband, which is fresh but echoes the hats of the past.

So 60's - Prim, Proper & Posh

Look #2 Thoroughly Modern Mod
The mod look of the 60's was totally different than anything that can come before it. Bold graphic lines, op (optical) art, straight silhouettes and primary colors shouted youthfulness, demanded attention, and captured the hearts of women who wanted to break free from old social standards.

Try this:
Today, color-blocking is back. For a more contemporary and wearable look, try a two-toned skirt paired with a simple white button down. Go wild with accessories that channel modern art.

So 60's - Thoroughly Modern Mod

Look #3 Bella Beatnik
Beatniks were the original hippies. They're radical political ideas and taste in music and fashion set them apart. They wore a lot of black, simple silhouettes and displayed their open mindedness with unconventional accessories (like ethnic jewelry).
Try this:
For frum women, this will be an easy look to imitate! Start with a base of all black (almost too easy...) and add daring and offbeat elements to complete the outfit.

So 60's - Bella Beatnik

What do you think about these 60's inspired looks? Any favorites?
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Elisheva Blumberg is an FIT graduate with degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing. Visit Elisheva’s beauty and fashion blog, and “like” Bellabusta on Facebook for tips, trends and beauty giveaways!

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Oh two of my fave bloggers in one post...awesome! Elisheva you are so friggin talented! Your posts keep getting better and better. I love the vintage photos and the collages are awesome!