Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post #2: Fall Inspiration with!

Remember my first Fall Inspiration post with Fashion-Isha? Well, introducing installment numero dos! 
Once again, my daring fall looks are accented—no, empowered!—by remarkable pictures that only Sharon could find! Check it all out here!And make sure to check out Fashion-Isha's ridiculously beautiful and inspiring posts since! She is an incredible blogger who finds (and gives away!) awesome stuff! 

Sharon (remember her LadyMama guest post on Ways To Wear Black?) is a real modest-fashion aficionado. I am constantly in awe at how she finds the most amazing "divine and refined" looks to share with her followers (seriously, you must like her Facebook page to see this stuff!). Go read the post and show some love by commenting!

3 LadyMama voices:

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

where is the stunning skirt from??

sharonegoodman said... [Reply to comment]

dear mimi,
i want to share my blog with you and hope that you will enjoy following it. i have enjoyed many of your posts. we share a similar audience. My daughter, Rachey, has referred to your site over the past year.
hope to be in touch,

Fashion-isha said... [Reply to comment]

LadyMama how come I'm first seeing this post now?? THANK YOU!! You are the sweetest and I miss you and your posts!! Come on...get back on bloggin'!!!

ps I was in Crown Heights this past Tues and as I was driving home I was like, "shoot why didn't I call Mimi??" Hope to see you soon!!