Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Mom Tip #1

Happy Mom Tips
It's about balancing our lives to find our shoulders soft and relaxed...
By Rivka Caroline

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Happy Mom Tip #1 

1) Any white shirt that is yellow under the arms

2) Any book that makes you feel badly about yourself when you look at it

4) Packages of flour, sugar, pasta or anything that's been open for longer than three months

5) Last year's spices

6) Clothing that makes you feel bad about your body or your life

7) Shoes that hurt

8) Old mismatched towels that you're keeping 'just in case'

9) Those 28 tiny bottles of body lotion you swiped from hotels and have never gotten around to using

10) The gifts you disliked as soon as you opened them but have felt too guilty to get rid of

13) The wrapping paper from said gifts

14) Any broken lamp or appliance that would cost more to fix than to replace

16) Anything you use occasionally - pliers, staple remover, apple corer - that you have more than one of

17) Any photograph you don't want your grandchildren to remember you by! 

2 LadyMama voices:

Lani said... [Reply to comment]

Love these tips! You are so right! I just moved and I got rid of so many things that I could have thrown out months ago....The yellow under the arms is my favorite! Looking forward to the next set of tips!

Rivka said... [Reply to comment]

Dear Anonymous, Mismatched towels are not bad unless they make you feel bad, disorganized and that 'it is all too much'. It all depends on the person. If mismatched towels tell you that you're human - then mismatched towels have earned a place of honor in your home. Same for the shoes, if they pinch, hurt and make you feel stupid for buying a size too small then they don't belong in your home. However, if they pinch and you laugh remembering the great time you had buying them, then every pinch is a welcome hug. Hope it's clear now :)