Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Mom Tip #4

Happy Mom Tips
By Rivka Caroline 

Happy Mom Tip #4
Streamlined Baby Gift Giving

You know the scenario already: Your friend/cousin/ neighbor gives birth. You want to get her something special, practical and personal. Not sure where to get the perfect item, you wait a little. And a little longer. And then you cringe when you realize it's the baby's first birthday and you still owe that newborn gift!

We've all been there and, in retrospect, it's way too many decisions to make!

It makes sense, then, to streamline the process and bypass the decision-making center in our brains and reduce GBGGA (Global Baby Gift Giving Anxiety). 

Here's how:

Simply decide on the one item that you love that also fits your budget. Then either stock up on them or always have the website handy and - voila! - you'll be delivering the gift before the mom has time to deliver the baby.

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