Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Mom Tip #2

Happy Mom Tip #2
Steps To A Happy Car
By Rivka Caroline

1) Keep a pack of babywipes within arms reach.

2) Keep old plastic bags in the passenger side door and use as garbage bags

3) Discipline yourself to do a clean out as you fill gas.

4) Teach yourself and your passengers of all ages to never leave the car empty handed (unless they are still in diapers).

5) Do a thorough cleaning every Sunday.

6) Keep a staple of almonds or granola bars in the glove compartment for emergency munchies.

7) If you're a parent, keep a few diapers and a change of outfit in a hidden spot.

8) Keep a pen and paper handy in the glove compartment in the unlikely case of a fender bender when your fingers will be shaking too hard to fiddle with your blackberry.

9) Most importantly, realize that you have the potential to be a hero in your child's/ grandchild's/ niece's/nephew's eyes if you take them for a whiz through a drive-through car wash. A small price to pay for instantly becoming someone's favorite person of the week!

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Liorah said... [Reply to comment]

You forgot, change the oil regularly and buy good insurance so you don't have to spend unnecessary money after the fact! Thanks for the helpful reminders, though - car cleanliness is such a challenge :).