Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The No-Makeup Challenge: Raizel's Oath

My "going out" makeup face

My everyday makeup face 

Name: Raizel Druxman
Age: 25
Location: Washington Heights
Committing to wearing no-makeup from October 28th until November 6th 

I usually wear the following makeup on my face: eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss

My favorite feature: My eyes

My least-favorite feature: my eyebrows (I can never figure them out!)

I am excited about this challenge because: I'm intrigued to get out of my comfort zone and challenge my notions of beauty and self-image. 

What I think will be most difficult: Feeling confident without makeup, which translates into still being my friendly, outgoing self.

I believe I can do this because: I have a "support" system of other beautiful women doing the same thing!

More thoughts (if any): I'm really a little anxious about this whole ordeal (yes, it feels like an ordeal!) as I think about a no-makeup Shabbos and going out on Sat nights....eeek!

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Raizel, it's always an adventure following you... can't wait to hear all about this :)