Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The No-Makeup Challenge: Dassi's Oath

My "going out" face
My everyday/work face

Name: Dassi White
Age: 25
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Committing to wearing no-makeup from Wednesday 10/27 until Friday 11/5.

I usually wear the following makeup on my face: Mascara, eyeliner, blush, powder, lipstick/gloss eyebrow enhancer. (holy cow!)

My favorite feature: My eyes

My least-favorite feature: My cheeks with no blush!

I am excited about this challenge because: It'll give me a new perspective, I think. I'm looking forward to seeing how people will treat me without makeup, especially since I'm sitting in the front desk of a very busy office all day.

What I think will be most difficult: I'm very curious how my confidence will change, because I don't think I've EVER gone out of the house without makeup since like seminary or something like that. What is it, like 5 years? Jeez! My skin could USE this break! This will be SO hard because I depend on makeup so much. I feel like people take me more seriously when I'm wearing it.

I believe I can do this because: I'm a strong personality! I'm not a quitter, either. Once I start something, I gotta finish.

More thoughts (if any): I'm actually petrified! I'll feel naked without it! But I think that it'll be good... help boost my confidence, and possibly help me to appreciate myself without anything covering ME. Can't wait to see myself without it! I hope I can last the 10 days!

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Dont do it Dass!!! guess who i am?