Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing the LadyMama No-Makeup Challenge!

What's beneath all the makeup? 

If you're the average women, chances are you've become entirely dependent on the magic wands we call lipstick, mascara and coverup. They are makeup miracles - taking our drap, sleepy faces and awakening them to face the world more confidently.

On the other hand....

Do you ever feel like applying all that makeup is a nuisance? Perhaps you've wondered what it would be like to redefine your go au natural? Are you opening to experimenting with the way you relate to your beauty, your femininity?


LadyMama is looking for women interested in taking an oath to go a certain amount of time (a minimum of 10 days) without wearing makeup. Better yet, we want you to share pictures and blog about it! How do you feel on Day 1, Day 7? Do you cheat a little? What are your insecurities, fears? Does wearing certain colors help your overall look when not wearing makeup? How does your skin feel? How does your soul feel?


Sign up by contacting
Take picture of you in typical-day makeup
Stop wearing makeup
Take pictures without makeup
Blog your thoughts and discoveries (with pictures!)
*No-makeup exceptions are reserved for family celebrations

***Everyone who signs up and meets their challenge gets a surprise gift!***

E-mail to get started!

5 LadyMama voices:

Sheva said... [Reply to comment]

Im sorry to say i wear such little make-up just lipstick really that i cant live without it. It brightens my days and adds a bit of glamor to my not always glamorous life. I love vintage red so i feel like a 1950s housewife in my lipstick and pearls, when really im covered in spitup , glue, and glitter,and peanutbutter, but i do respect your challenge im curious to see how it goes.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

i love going bare.
it's the real deal.

chanale said... [Reply to comment]

mimi, i do it all the time!
like when i gotta get my daughter from school in less than two minutes and i'm barely even dressed!
it's an every-other-day thing, basically. i wont do it for 10 days straight, though - i need the days in between to feel a little more put-together.

Miriam Hertzel said... [Reply to comment]

I would join but I never wear make up!

wolf family said... [Reply to comment]

all a ladymama needs are big sunglasses and some lip balm (thats not cheating-is it?) Though it gets challenging when its pouring-a light drizzle and Ill still whip em out!