Friday, October 29, 2010

Dassi's No-Makeup Day 2: Improving by Removing

Most mornings, the very first person I speak to is Valentin. He works at the bakery on my block (which I frequent for my coffee and bran muffin before heading to my office.) So this morning I walked in and ordered a cake for one of my coworkers - today was her last day :( in the office and we were throwing her a party. As I placed the order I could feel Valentin looking at me just a second too long probably thinking, "Man, she looks awful." And indeed he said, "Hadassah you look a little different the last few days, are you ok?" I laughed and explained to him I'm going 10 days without makeup in a contest/challenge, and confided in him I was feeling a little embarrassed without makeup on. He spread his arms out and exclaimed (loud enough for everyone to hear, I might add) "You don't need makeup! You are very nice looking with makeup AND without makeup! You always make us smile and we love to see your face every morning!" I was speechless.

Later on in the day I read over some of the comments from my Day 1 post. Its so amazing that my personal reality of my self-image can be so drastically different than what the rest of the world sees. Thanks to all of you supporters, it means a lot to me, and its boosting my confidence! Even went out a little tonight with the girls, and surprisingly I was as confident as ever. Hmph! Go figure!

As I lay in bed now, dreaming of my new YSL mascara, and my Nars blush, I picture my clean and unaltered face in the mirror looking back at me... I'm becoming less shocked and finally beginning to recognizer my own reflection again.

Improving by removing,

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That's an excellent question! I think I look like death without makeup because without, I tend to resemble the albino monk dude in "The DaVinci Code"...I definitely need SOMETHING. I have some pics without...maybe I'll get brave and post them to see what folks think??? :) Kol hachavod!!!