Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No-Makeup Day 1: A Zombie Amongst Humans

Read Dassi's intro post here.

I got to my office, and made a b-line for my desk, avoiding eye-contact with my coworkers. 

Dassi's First Morning Makeup-Free

Ok, so this morning as I sipped my coffee and read a magazine before work, I could feel my makeup STARING at my naked face from the other room. I looked toward my bedroom like, "No. Absolutely not." I seriously felt like an addict trying to get clean. I had to hide my makeup from myself! Out of sight out of mind. Right?

So getting dressed, I chose more feminine colors and shapes, more jewelry, and I even curled my hair! Talk about over-compensation!

When I left my building, I felt like a man anyway. It's so weird how I (and probably most girls) have become so dependent on makeup to feel like a woman. I got to my office, and made a b-line for my desk, avoiding eye-contact with my coworkers. Everyone is treating me the same! What the heck?! I don't look like the "Dassi" that has worked here all along. Intruder!!

Today I have to be the front desk of a very busy office, run a ton of errands, and see at least 6 clients this evening... Hope I can become more aware of other people as the day goes along as opposed to feeling like I look like a zombie.


(Check back for an evening post to see how the rest of the day evolved!)

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Freidel said... [Reply to comment]

Honey, all you look like you need is sleep!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Do sharpe markers count as eyeliner!?

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I don't know you but personally i think your no-makeup look is very beachy and modelesque...and this is coming from someone who wears a TON of makeup.

Sarah Lehat Jewish Art said... [Reply to comment]

Darling, you look gorgeous ... young, refreshed and -this is gonna sound weird but - MORE FEMININE. just one girl's opinion ...

Raizel said... [Reply to comment]


You do look a lil' tired, but totally gorgeous! Look how big and beautiful your eyes look without any makeup! I'm gonna start the challenge tomorrow...yikes!

You rock!

Denise said... [Reply to comment]

Funny how you don't feel like yourself when you're natural... when really putting ON foreign things should make us feel not like ourselves.

Menooch said... [Reply to comment]
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Menooch said... [Reply to comment]

Whoever wrote this clearly knows Dassi and made me LOL. LOVE IT.
"Do sharpie markers count as eyeliner!?"

le7 said... [Reply to comment]

You really just have this fresh clean look without make-up. I like it personally.

Rina said... [Reply to comment]

you look gorg!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Dass, i told u not to do it!! aaaaahhh :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

just by looking at before and after pictures, your makeup-less look does look like a more refreshed and model-esq you. from all these positive comments, you should realize you're blessed to be naturally beautiful. you shouldn't let makeup be a self-esteem crutch - one you certainly don't need.

Dassi said... [Reply to comment]

WOW! Thanks y'all! These comments are really eye-opening and humbling. I'd like to say to Menooch, I wrote it! I'm glad you LOL-ed! :)
Denise and Anonymous just above me, I'm realizing more and more that "putting ON foreign things should make us feel not like ourselves" is REAL.