Thursday, October 28, 2010

Raizel's No-Makeup Day 1: Day WON!

Well, it's day one and I'm already pining for my makeup. I'm unemployed so I think I have it a little easier; it was no issue going walking this morning without makeup and it was mostly fine hanging out in Starbucks with a naked face. But, as I started thinking about my night out on the town my mind immediately thought, "Ok, now it's time to put makeup on," as if it was like I was waiting to become milchig and now I could finally eat that ice cream. It was strange how natural it was for me, even as I am on day one of my challenge, to slip back into my makeup habits.

I must admit that last night I started to get anxious about my no-makeup days;it almost felt like I was preparing for a fast day and as the day is coming to a close it realized it does feel a little bit like a deprivation (or maybe I'm confusing it with my sleep deprivation).I am starting to feel like, what's the big deal? Why can't I just wear a little makeup? My friends said that they didn't really notice a difference (but I think they are trying to be nice ;) ) but I think I just look more tired. One of my concerns that I mentioned in my Oath was that I would feel less confident and not be as outgoing, but I felt very comfortable and confident today and notice that I adopted this, "who cares what people think anyway," attitude. I know that the point is more about my own perception, but for day numero uno, this will have to do.

This was great for my evening because, in full-disclosure (as is the policy in this challenge), I had a skype date tonight and, even though dating is an exception to the no-makeup rule, I only put on some lip gloss to brighten up my face. No eyeliner and no mascara and it felt great. I didn't get a repulsed look from the guy as my video screen popped up and we still had a great conversation. I do have to thank the other contestant, Dassi, for her observations that she tried to wear colors that naturally enhance and bring out her beauty. It took me a little longer to get dressed today because that's exactly what I tried to do. I wore a teal green shirt that brought out my blue/green eyes that I usually rely on eyeliner and mascara to take care of.

Even with my "who cares" attitude and my mostly positive experience today, I'm still tempted to put on makeup to hit the town. But like I also said in my oath, I know I can do this because I have a moral support network, so thank you wonderful and beautiful makeup-ed and makeup-less women!

We'll see how much I care when Shabbos rolls around...

Stay tuned! :)

p.s. I did give myself a brief pep-talk this morning as I looked in the mirror,"You DO look pretty without makeup," I affirmed, "You ARE pretty." Makeup or not, a lil' self-affirmation never hurts. :)

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Working Sudent Mother!! said... [Reply to comment]

I almost NEVER wear makeup. I have hardly looked at my makeup case in ages. Maybe its cuz I wear glasses all the time - so I think, whats the point, its all hidden anyway? Maybe its cuz im too rushed and busy. Maybe its cuz I just dont care...
Im not sure, but I think I should challenge myself TO WEAR makeup for a week straight and see if it actually does the same thing as your challenge does and makes me feel good and better about myself. Perhaps its the idea of doing something different that instills us with confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves, rather than the idea of wearing/not wearing makeup....