Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Introducing: LadyMama Feet on the Street

If there's one thing that every kind of LadyMama's shoes!
If you're always on the lookout for that great new boot, heel or pair of flats, you likely often 
see someone wearing something so your style and you just have to ask about them!

Well, now LadyMama is bringing SHOE-NETWORKING to a whole new level! 


This new feature is dedicated to all the shoe-loving Ladies and Mamas who also happen to be phone-savvy and quick to snap pics with their iPhone or Blackberry.

The next time you see (or wear!) a great pair of shoes, snap 
a picture and upload it straight to the LadyMama blog! 
Simply send an e-mail to with your phone number 
and LadyMama will enable you to upload pics straight from your phone!

You can become a LadyMama FEET ON THE STREET blogger in three simple steps:

1. E-mail with your name and phone number.
2. We'll verify your phone number/identity via an immediate upload (to be saved as a draft).
3. Anytime you see shoes you love, snap a pic and send to Upon approval, we'll post the pic with your name and any caption/information you wish to include!

[Please note: Only pictures of modestly clad women will be posted! To avoid the issue 
all together, try to snap pictures of the feet only! Hey, we want closeups anyways!]

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Isnt there an app that does this? Are you doing this app!?