Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Mom Tip: Let Them Own It

By Rivkah Caroline
Rivka is an Efficiency Coach that helps moms, individuals and companies be more productive. She lives with her husband and seven kids in Key Biscayne, FL.  Visit her site for more great solutions on exporting the stress and importing the fun! 

The more I let others carry their own
  responsibility, the less weight on my shoulders...

Let Them Own it

There is a wise saying, "Be kind to every-one because every-one is fighting a battle of their own." Is the quote perceptive? Yes. Is it true? Sure. Is it easy to translate into our every day lives? Not really.

We don't live our lives in a bubble and of the dozens of daily interactions we have a small percentage are going to be challenging.

Some examples from my past 24 hours: Insurance company denying additional therapy for my son, angry driver behind me on the highway, gas station attendee who wanted me to pre-pay and tell her exactly how many gallons I would be filling up, my son being pre-occupied and getting onto the school bus with no socks in his shoes, long lines at the drive in bank...the list goes on. You get the idea because first cousins of these events happen to us all, every day.

I have realized that while I can't control all the variables around me, I can control how I react. I can be constantly found repeating, "Let them own it." Who knows where the angry angry driver was heading? Maybe an emergency. It really is not about me, and not worth getting upset over ... let him own it. The ridiculous line in the bank ? Certainly not worth honking ... let them own it. I tidied up the front of my car and texted a few friends.

The more I let them own their own issues, the less frustration in my life. The more I let others carry their own responsibility, the less weight on my shoulders. The more tranquility I can bring into an interaction with strangers, the less of my headspace it takes up. So let others fight their own battles, and every once in a while consider giving them an ounce of kindness to help them out on the battlefield of life.

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