Sunday, November 21, 2010

LadyMama Issue of the Week (New Feature!)

We've heard from a lot of women who want to contribute to the LadyMama community but can't find the time to commit to a feature article. Many of you have said, "I want to write, but you have to give me a topic!" Or there's those who say "I have plenty to say, but I am not a writer!"

LadyMama Issue of the Week!

At the beginning of every week, LadyMama will post a question/topic/issue to the blog, Facebook page ( and Twitter ( for YOU to respond to.
It can be paragraph length or much longer - you decide!

When we post the Issue of the Week, respond by sending your 
answer, thoughts and opinions to

There's no limit to the amount of responses we can post - we're looking for clearly written pieces that will give YOU a voice as well as introduce a lively discussion to the growing LadyMama community.

This is your time to shine, LadyMamas! 

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