Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Have you heard of "The M Coat?"

It's a 3-in-1 winter jacket for 1)Maternity 2)Mama and 3)Myself

You can wear it (1) while pregnant, then (2) bundled with your baby inside it, and also (3) as a normal coat!

What do the LadyMamas out there think? Is this stylish? Practical? Or...just plain nerdy?

5 LadyMama voices:

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

love it. i would totally do it. i have an enormous coat that was just way too big that i did this with, but a special one that might be a bissel more flattering? great.

Rivki said... [Reply to comment]

I agree with anonymous. The pregnancy coat hanging in my closet is not a feel-good coat by any stretch of the imagination. I'll take an M-coat in brown!

chanalesing@blogspot.com said... [Reply to comment]

A bit too 'crunchy' for my taste but i get it and kinda dig it too...

Freidel said... [Reply to comment]

love! convenient, efficient and realistic.

Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

I like it, but with there were more style/weight options. i don't wear such heavy coats, especially when pregnant, so I'd want a lighter version. (live in Israel -- don't quite need canadian down.)