Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Mom Tip: The Real Key to Getting More Done

Happy Mom Tips
By Rivkah Caroline 

The Real Key to Getting More Done 

At some point in the evening (ideally at a fixed time each night), identify what the key 'to-do's' are for the next day.

What makes the list?

The items that would really make your next day productive if that was all you accomplished.

No more than 8 items. Write them in your PDA or on an index card. It doesn't have to be electronic to be effective. (If you finish all 8 you can get extra credit for any other key items you complete).

You've now just prioritized your priorities.

Block off a nugget of work time tomorrow. Turn off your cell phone. No internet surfing or getting busy with other projects until they are checked off.

Don't forget to cross off the tasks as they are completed. Seeing a crossed off item is a great visualization. Your productivity will soar as you incorporate this simple yet so effective technique into your days.

Rivka Caroline is an Efficiency Coach that helps moms, individuals and companies be more productive. She lives with her husband and seven kids in Key Biscayne, FL.  Visit her site www.sobeorganized.com for more great solutions on exporting stress and importing fun! 

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