Monday, November 22, 2010

Poll Results! What makes being modest easier?

84 LadyMamas voted and the results are in!

Being tznius (modest) with clothing is so much easier thanks to...

Women I know who rock the covered up look stylishly!
  27 (32%)
A husband who prefers I follow the guidelines.
  13 (15%)
Winter. 'Nuff said.
  22 (26%)
Those comfy stretchy skirts (kookais, etc) that everyone sells!
  3 (3%)
Easy? It's NEVER easy!
  19 (22%)

Apparently, STYLE is very important to the LadyMama. Most of you felt that seeing other women dress modestly but STYLISHLY was inspiring when it came to your own wardrobe modesty.

The close runner up: WINTER. 
That's right - nothing helps "covering up" more than...having to! 
Tights and sweaters make us feel like "I can do this!"

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