Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mimi Hecht: MetroImma Mom of the Week!

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Mimi Hecht never really went gaga over babies. And anytime she did hold someone's little one, it would - no fail - cry and be promptly returned to its rightful and more responsible owner. As one of seven siblings, she knew she wanted to someday raise and love her own brood...even though she was utterly petrified of childbirth. Fast-forward to meeting the love of her life. Even faster forward – a quick nine months after their wedding! - she gave birth to a beautiful blue-eyed, red haired boy. Although her birth went nothing like planned, it was not the trauma she had anticipated. And being a mother was in no way like holding someone else's baby...she loved it! She quickly learned that to enjoy motherhood and raise a normal child, she didn't have to be the perfect, by-the-books, high-pressure mother she had spent nine months reading about (and a lifetime dreading!). Inspired to share her thoughts, connect Jewish women and celebrate all kinds of mothers, she started LadyMama, a growing online community where she and other women document the joys and struggles in striving to stay smart, sane, stylish and spiritual.

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