Monday, November 22, 2010

A Mom's Life in Facebook Statuses

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#14. Hmm. Just almost burnt the house down. So much for today being easy.

1. Wait...Was I supposed to make dinner? Oops..  

2. Knew I forgot something at the store! I’m swaddling grapes in saran wrap. BAGGIES! Mental note.  

3. Here's a new one:
Mommy I'm starving.
Me: we JUST finished dinner.
Yeah, I know but I just pooped out all the chicken I just ate and now I'm hungry again.
Me: not really sure how to answer that one. 

4. Geula asked me today what a blood drive was. I went into detail about how a person might need blood and all the different types of blood there is and why people donate. She then asked for more details on how each person has their own distinct blood type.
Me: I have A type blood and Tatty has AB blood. Our blood mixes and then our kids can have either A, B or AB blood. We can't ever have O.  
Geula: How does your blood mix?  
Geula: Is that the complicated part?
Me: Yep
Geula: Well, sorry I asked. Should we talk about this again when I'm older?
Me: It's a date  

5. Thank you Ita for crawling into my bed unannounced and then pushing snooze every time my alarm would go off, keeping me from waking up. Woke up at 8:10!

6. When did the phrase "get to bed" turn into "please come downstairs as often as possible"?

7. Why is it that when you vote, they throw in this yes or no question that you have to read 4 times to understand? I know the candidates, not the questions. Makes me feel like there's this pop quiz I never studied for.

8. My son is crazy.

9. Hmm, installing vinyl base molding is a lot trickier than I thought.

10. My 3 year old just begged me to please buy her a bra.

11. Geez, the west wing should come with a dictionary.

12. Dear storm, you are WAY too loud. I can't hear my show. Can you please keep it down? Thanks

13. S: mommy, I don't feel so well.
Me: oh no! What's the matter?
S: my throat hurts.
Me: what does it feel like?
S: kind of like a blueberry. …
Me: What does a blueberry feel like?
S: you don't know what a blueberry feels like?! Mommy, that's weird.

14. Hmm. Just almost burnt the house down. So much for today being easy.

15. My husband just started a sentence with the words "wouldja know it." And then he kept talking like it didn't even phase him. I had to make him pause, rewind and then listen to him say it. What's next, a pickup truck?

16. I seriously just opened 3 different eggs and found 3 different sets of twins. What are the chances of that happening?! So, how many weight watchers points is that?  

17. Husband has a paper due. So he's watching family guy. Did what any good wife and mother would do, threatened to unplug the modem and confiscated his droid. He'll thank me later, I hope.

18. Forget about unpacking, catching up on perezhilton is far more time consuming.

19. Took a field trip with a bug in a container on the front seat today. Bed bug? nope. Bat bug? Nope. Stink bug? Yep.

20. Things to do today: Laundry, pack, finish up cooking. Simple right? throw in 4 kids home to shake things up a little.

21. Tonight will be my last night as a 28 year old. 30 is no longer just on the horizon, it's right across the street. Talk about a reality check.


Becky Brownstein is a  wife, mother of five, cleaning lady, chef, program/trip organizer, taxi driver, blogger and all around great gal that lives in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Visit her website at where she shares all her experiences as a mother with the motto, "When all else fails, laugh!" 

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Menucha said... [Reply to comment]

This is adorable!!!!

Busy Mom said... [Reply to comment]

I really don't understand why moms feel the need to report on everything using their fb status. What's the point? Aren't you busy? Don't you have better things to do?